Friday, May 2, 2014

New CQ Purse Finds a New Home

Hello and happy Friday or whatever day you read this.  Another week has flown by and have gotten a little done besides just rearranging my ever changing art room.  Moving paints from one container to another and threads here and there.  The usual Nana shuffle as I call it.  I always think I am going to----GASP- throw something away but I just rearrange it.  Looks different so should work also.   Right?  
Now when I start a new project I have to get my art room tidy and ready to go again don't know why but I do.   Then some of my rearranging is like hide and seek when hunting for my "stuff" I use.  I think why did I move it around but seems like a good idea at the time.   I have a rule that when something is lost it is usually within 18 inches of where I am standing or sitting.   Now when I do my messy work, painting etc I stand.  Yep stand, maybe I will grow taller?  I don't know but that is my work stance.  Doing the needle work though is in the chair beside hubby sitting or wallowing in the chair.   That chair, you can't sit comfortable in it, you have to wallow in it.   Don't know if it is me or the chair.   Probably me, kind of when babies a learning to sit and they seem to have round little bottoms and just tip over?  That may be my problem come to think about it.

I wanted to share the newest, hot off the press purse I just did and it sold instantly but did remember to take pics.  I forget to do that sometimes do you do that?

So with no further ado here goes the purse.

I at first was going out of character and printed this faerie lighter than usual and was going to  do a paler than usual purse or square.   So I tried and it was not working.  I remember Pat Winter telling us you need to go with colors you like.  I do like the softer colors and  the art created with the fabrics like that are beautiful and I think I can do that I know I can--- but the purse was fighting me tooth and nail.  So I just went with my usual bright colors and the whole piece just flowed.   I should have listened to Pat in the first place.   Sorry MB.  
I had to try some of the fancy smancy  Shibori ribbon going with the pleats and all.. I think it is so pretty and you just go with it and play and see where it leads you.  

I used part of a "prom" earring like the girls wear to prom and thought this will go perfect with this heart I had. 
I had received this beautiful green medallion from a sweet friend  and just hated to use it and it would be gone so I just cut it in half and now I have another one to use on one more piece of CQ.   Of course had to put bling on it and the roses just went with it perfectly.   

I tried my had a dying some of the lace and this little flower did perfect and enhanced of course with  beads and flowers and some of Geraldine's glitzy trim she sent me.  

I added to the back some crochet that I had picked up at an Estate sale to make a pocket for cell phones.  I know peps don't like to be very far from their phones.  Ready for a quick draw.   Now our phone, stays in the car when we are out and somewhere in the house when we are in the house.  

Kind of the scoop of the whole business put together. 

Here it is the finished piece.  Well I did add some more Jesse James beads to it on the side but I added a gusset around like the boho bags so it will hold more stuff.  Then did a body cross over strap and it is good to go.  It is purchased and now off to Europe for 6 weeks.  I guess I should have sent more cards with the lady who purchased it?   Naw just making them one at a time while watching baseball is good enough for me.  I did fall in love with it and thought oh I want this but a sweet friend wanted it if the new owner didn't .  So will start a new one, same Faerie, she loves this Faerie and different every where else.  
Love love love doing this CQ art, almost and I say almost better than eating chocolate cake.    So will be off and piece the new one and maybe get to start on it tomorrow. Baseball season is upon us and there is lots of games and lots of time to do the CQ.
There you go what is going on in my world today and thanks for stopping by.