Friday, April 4, 2014

The Faerie Juanita

Hello and happy Spring.  Well I hope it is spring where you are and some of you it is Fall.   Now some of my faeries have not gotten to be created in CQ yet and I do have ciggies printed of them all.   So I thought OK I will make this some sort of a project for myself and even can use it in my CQJP2014 that Kathy Shaw hosts.   I should have done Mother Nature first maybe she would calm down some but she is next. her flaming red hair and all.  I don't know why she came out red headed but she did and looks a little older than the other gals.   Hummm maybe that is why she is playing havoc with the weather?  Surely not. 
This little gal is Juanita.   Which after watching Romancing the Stone, Juanita is Spanish for Joan.  Which was my mothers name.  The lady in the movie was Joan Wilder a author and was in South America for an adventure.  Really can't remember why but she and Michael Douglas had a fling of sorts.    Loved those movies but anyway back to Juanita.  
I printed this one on silk which made her colors softer and not having any really soft colors of supplies she got to be brighter if she wanted it or not.  I guess I should have some soft colors on hand just in case of a faerie emergency shouldn't I? 
So I thought what am I going to do?  Not a world changing  project or dilemma to lose sleep over but still a faerie dilemma.  You know those little magical sweeties, no telling what mischief they might do.  
I had some silk with some orangish flowers and thought OK the background was light light very light purple and I will just push it a little and see what happens.    So here you go what Juanita did and how she came out.
A close up of the flowers I had on hand and did some silk work and of course had a faerie charm, of course. 

Another close up of some SRE and of course beads

Here is a close up of her, with the sweet little birdie listening and peeking in to see what she was doing in the faerie garden. 

The finished block, hope you like it.   Now when I pieced this one I did 3 others, it is baseball season you know and I need something to do while watching it on TV and besides we might get a wild hair and go somewhere.  I think we are over almost 100% the CRUD, so time to start moving and shaking I do believe. 
There you go, Juanita the purple faerie.   Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.


  1. Annette, that is just beautiful! I'm so glad you are feeling better. luv and Blessings Lesley

  2. You really have got the hands of a faery yourself, you are so creative , and everything is exquisitely beautiful and girlie . Hugs ! xoxo

  3. Annette, your fairies are always so beautiful and then you take them to this point of wonderment! Juanita and her gorgeous colors are perfectly beautiful!
    and so glad you and hub are on the mend...keep eating the vitamin C! xoxo

  4. I can't believe the intricate work you can do! SO SO SO BEAUTIFUL!!! You are amazing!


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