Saturday, January 25, 2014

WIP and Something that Hardly NEVER EVER happens in my world

WIP----  nowdays they have WIP's , OMG  and whatever in the world saying different things and expressions.  So many of them I cannot keep up---BUT I do know what WIP stands for.  Work In progress!!!!!   I could write a little piece about the abbreviations and all the cell phone goodies but won't.  I do hope it doesn't come down to that people don't know how to talk and just do letters of the alphabet for communication.   I think y'all know how I feel about that subject, guess my pet peeve  ( one of them) about cells is people lighting those things up in a movie. Give me a break what is that important that you have to use a phone in the movie?  If something that important is going to come thru why in the world are you at a movie?   AND you don't even have to put it on Facebook that you are at the movie.   Just saying, like I said I could go on and on about this rudeness but won't.  See?  My soapbox could go on and on. 

Now this is one of my newest WIPs.  Yep used that sort of word.    I am playing with Crazy Quilt Journal Project again this year and this is the in the middle part of my block.   To me the part of when the square gets it's own little personality and sings to me.   

Being February I thought why not a heart?  I saw this idea on Pinterest.   I didn't see who came up with the idea but hers was really pretty in the pinks.  I only had a tad of pink silk ribbon so used some real satin ribbon for the pink you see here.   So red, being a dark pink, got to be the choice of color.  

So with fabric sewn together and some embelishments put on here and there the block is being created.   It could be ok this way but you know I love the bling so will try and finish it this weekend and share the whole finished piece.  The top right corner is a lace yo - yo type thingie I added and will play with it also.

I don't have a clue of what I am going to do with the squares but they keep me off the streets and keep me busy while watching TV with hubby. 

Now you may be asking what in the world  hardly never ever happens in Annette's world? 

A SUN RISE!!!!!!!

A beautiful Texas Sunrise at that.  I have not altered this sunrise one tiny tiny bit.   I just don't get up at early to see them.  I have heard they exist and Hubby does take pics of them for me to prove that they really do happen and the sun just doesn't pop up and say here I am.    Get busy and remember an early bird gets the worm.  Thank goodness I don't eat worms.   I would never get to eat.    The world just shouldn't have to bring beauty like this before 7 A.M.   Of course I may be the only one in captivity to not see these beauties every morning.  

 There you go what is going on in my world today.   Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world.