Sunday, January 19, 2014

How I did it Angel Wings and my A vs P

Now this is going to be an odd combination of subject matter but you know sometimes even in life odd or different things get combined together.  In fact sometimes in cooking you can add different things together and get something really yummy.  Also, sadly you can get something that tastes pretty bad and even the dog won't eat it.  Trust me I have done that before.   Usually the trash will accept it though and I can safely say that 100% of the time it will not throw at me what I have put in the trash.  Not yet anyway.

OK,  now I have a friend who wants to know how I did my angel wings in the last post.  So here are some pics of what I did them with.  

I used my trusty palette knife, thank goodness I have several of them, they get pretty clogged up and some I have had since------------gasp-------the early 70's.   Golden light molding paste is one of favorite doodads to play with.  You can put it down with a stencil as I did here or smear it around with the palette knife and make--waves, clouds or just some great texture.   I have these sweet little stencils  from The Crafters Workshop  and they are small in size but powerful little gems. 

You can put the paste down then paint over it with color or put color on and wipe it off or as I did just use it on top of color and let dry white and of course before it dried I added some mica flakes.   Glitter is like diamonds a girls best friend, at least in my book.   I hand drew the shape of the wings and the little feathers at the bottom of them.  The feathers I just added some white acrylic paint and kind of feathered the paint with molding paste in the center of it. 

A close up of the wing/stencil.   

Here is my January set of pages, it was suppose to be a book or parts of a book that inspired you in some way.    I thought of a book and then this popped into my head,  No it is not a book, an awesome movie, but has a good example we should live by.  You should not judge a book by it's cover.  I mean if it is ugly it might not be mean or really ugly acting.  And as you know some things (people) are really pretty and pretty ugly inside.  This is why I thought it was a good example of life.    This movie, A vs P   ( Alien vs Predator) I have seen it many many times.  MANY to the point of when I am in my art room and it is on TV dear hubby turns up the sound and I can tell him exactly what the scene is.  It blows his mind away.    My friend Ginger bought the DVD for me the day it came out, she knows her friend for sure. 

One creature is evil, very evil and by some standards the other is evil also. BUT in the movie the predator is good and works with the humans to kill the Alien.  So this is why I thought you should not judge the Predator by how he looks.  Told ya it was off the wall. Sooooo here it is.  I so enjoyed doing this and hope I don't get put in the corner or kicked out of class at Roses on my Table.  Just a journal journey section where we do what we want and no rules.  My kind of place. 

So here you go, I used some strip burlap on here and some of the tape washi I think it is called and hand drew some curly ques  on it.   Now the lines on there is from a stamp I made out of egg cartons, the foam kind and glued them all on another piece of egg carton.  Some high tech stuff going on here. 

So there you go my art as of today.    I have another project I am working on right now, for the grands of course. oxox

Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.