Friday, January 10, 2014

My Art Guardian Angel or Shooting from the Hip

Now I know that might be an interesting question and did you even know you have an Art Guardian Angel?  Well I certainly didn't know it.  Oh I know we all have many Angels around us and that I am thankful for.   I know this may be a different subject for me but just kind of leads to this little gal.    I was once told I had many traffic angels.  Very protective when you are traveling and Hubby and I always say come on gals Annette is getting in the car.  They say amongst themselves ok who is riding shotgun with her?   Now I know this may sound flippant or light on the subject but trust me I am not that way about it at all about Angels. 
I am taking another year of Lifebook 2014 with Tammy.   I did take 2012 and did over 35 of the lessons and last year 6 or 7 of them.   Might have been my state of mind or something but thought ok Annette try one more year.   She offers many teachers during the year and each teach us different  art techniques which I love doing.    I believe 52 lessons in all, some have  interviews with the teachers but most are lessons.  
Tammy's was the first lesson and I tried as hard as I could to copy her lesson.   I was bound and determined to follow it to a teeeeee.   Well I didn't.   Bet that was no surprise to you at all.   I did sort of do the wings like she suggested but did use Golden molding paste with a stencil to make the pretty design on the main part of the wings.   I then drew the feather part of them and just used paint.  
This little gal is who turned out.   Now last year I did an Art Fairy and she had a cute little pink tutu, a wand and other fairydom pretties.    You noticed I made up a new word there.  Fairydom.   Guess it goes with the territory of being an artist.  Artist license I suppose. 


                                            Here she is with my word for the year Create. 
I did mess up and  did not use watercolor paper I grabbed the wrong paper so to me she looks like she has a Howdy Doody  mouth area.   Howdy Doody?  A puppet from the 50's   The paper wrinkled and good lesson to remember-Annette make sure you grab the right paper.   I splished and splashed colors and paint on here and added some copper paint here and there on the flower in her hair and the butterfly wings and some touches here and there.   Now when I started her she was very dark headed but this color is what it wound up to be.  Funny how they have a mind of their own.   I really never plan what I do just let it flow and play.    If I plan it usually turns out ugh and winds up in the trash in many pieces.  OR covered with gesso and painted over.  

I was going to make her look more fantasy but nope not what she wanted.   Now if you are artsy you know exactly what I am talking about...... art just evolving from the heart and there you go.   I think I have told you that is how my Crazy Quilt work gets created also.    Just shooting from the hip.

When I was doing professional photography a dear and sweet friend told me to tell other photographers that I shoot from the hip with my work.  She loved it because I didn't pre plan what and how I was going to photograph my clients.  After visiting with my clients when they first entered the studio I could see their natural attitudes, their body language and get them to relax to be themselves.  

Now I know lots of you are in the North East and are suffering with the bitter cold and ice and snow so keep warm and safe.   We are here in Texas and we have a nice sand storm going on or you could call it a natural facial scrub if you have to go outside. 

There you go what is going on in my world today and thanks for stopping by.