Sunday, August 18, 2013

Friday Night Lights and CQ Art

The school bells will be ringing soon.  It will be the time when the kids and teachers are fresh for the school year.  Fall sports will be going on and in Texas, the Friday Night Lights will shine proudly in every little town around.  Friday night High School Football is a strong tradition here in Texas and I am sure other places.  I am only familiar with the Texas tradition though, but would love to hear about y'alls  Friday night school functions.   You could always find where the football field was in any town but the giant lights.  They would light up the whole area.  Saying here we are come on over.     We don't go to these any more, we did go a few years after our daughters graduated but just wasn't the same.  Not that we didn't enjoy seeing all the young kids in the activities but just wasn't the same. 

Our daughters were in the band and that is the half time show of the football games.   Such excitement and we always looked forward to the tunes they played and the formations they formed with their straight lines .  Always with precision.   The French Horn and Clarinet were the instruments that we were familiar with that our daughters played.   I was always amazed at how one band director could teach all those students to play the horns, teach them to march and all at the same time.   

Now I don't have a clue where this post came from it was not where I was going this morning but here it is.  

I have been doing some of the Day of the Dead fabric art and have sold my first one.   Crazy Quilt style with the DoD style.  The bright colors and just the fun of the whole pieces.   Now my faeries are just taking a week's break but  I will be back in the saddle with them soon.  I mean I even have new pastel pencils to break in and they are calling my name.   "Annette come play with us and see what you create".   New art supplies are like new shoes, you have to wear them and see how you feel wearing them.   Running faster if you have new tennis shoes and jumping higher.  I am sure my new pencils will have the same effect on me. Don't you?

So here is my DoD purse, I have just almost sort of finished two.  
Front of the purse, it is like 8 inches long and 6 1/2 inches wide at the bottom a fun size to hold things ladies carry and has a pocket inside and on the back.  Hey it is ready for most anything. 

Close up of some of the bead work.  I do love doing the bead work on any Crazy Quilting.  I piece it together and put the pretties on it and then it seems to come to life when the beads come into the picture.  I have a drawer full of the beads.  I think I need a hoist to lift it at times.   I have been truly blessed because the majority of the beads have been gifts.   Oh I have bought a few odds and ends of the weird colors I use sometimes.  

The back of the purse.

There you go  what I have been up to lately.  Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.  



  1. Your purses are TO DIE FOR! OK, a little play on the theme, but wow, I do really love them. Your creative juices are flowing!

    1. LOL love it Nancy. Glad you like them my dear. xoxoxo They are colorful and fun to design and play with.

  2. OOOOOH! Spooky Annette, but beautiful. I absolutely love the colours
    You have a great eye for colour and design. Can't wait to see your next creation. Blessings


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