Monday, August 26, 2013

On the way to the Accountant with the clouds and a little CQ

We went to the accountant today and it is never a bad experience, well when we have to write the tax check but that is life isn't it?   He is about an hour away in another town and have used him for over 30 years.  So he can read my handwriting, he does say he has to study it for a while but gets the hang of it.  I am left handed and it slants to the right and sometimes I get carried away with the curly queues in it.   Yes I still write with a pencil and pen.   I do, promise.    He  knows how I think sort of.  That is scary trust  me.   Maybe he and Hubby can figure out how I think.  

The sky was a beautiful blue and full full full of the prettiest clouds so light and fluffy and just a tease of anything wet falling from them. This is West Texas you know and we don't get the wet stuff a lot.   Anyway the clouds were beautiful just beautiful and could see all kinds of shapes in them.   Dogs running, sharks, dolphins, fish with big pretty tails, teddy bears and angels to name a few.  I love watching the clouds we get, they are so fluffy like marshmallow crème or some fluffy frosting you could dig your finger into.   Just floating around changing shapes constantly.  I like to think the angels are changing them constantly but I really think it is Mz. Mother Nature with the winds. 

It is funny you are looking at the clouds and as  we are whizzing down the road they change almost instantly.  I think I even saw Abraham Lincoln pop in there once.   I guess you could see ugly things but I like to think they are angel creations and just a treat for us to see.   Now did you take some pictures Annette?   Of course not, I didn't bring my camera.  I did have the cell phone but didn't have grandson here to help me figure that out, to me it is a phone and a texting thingies.  No one showed me how to do the texting I figured that one out myself but unfortunately my texting  fingers don't always type correctly.   Grandson says I have Nana language.    Could be, you know we Nanas.     I have other things to clutter my mind that to live and breathe with the phone.  I know that probably sounds old fashioned but I am old enough that I can think that way if I want to.  Really!!!!

When we got home of course the clouds  floated mostly away but there were a few out there.  Would love to hear from you of what you see.  

These were not as full of things as the ones driving with us were but still pretty.

Could the bigger one be a dog on it's back waiting to have it's tummy rubbed?
Please excuse the neighbors part dead or part alive tree.  It is hanging in there trying to live.
I have been doing a little CQing and this is the newest DoD clasp purse.   I had to add some fun ribbons on the side, it is a celebration and I knew it just needed them.  

Here is the back of the clasp with a little pocket on the back and has one inside also.  My fancy smancy  dime store glasses are in the pocket.  I have to admit I have to were them at the end of the day when doing my beading. 
There you go my Monday doings.   1/2 half of our work week is over.  Bank and accountant  the first half and tomorrow mowing the second half.
Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.


  1. Those are very pretty finger diggin' clouds Annette...aka Nana. Only Nana's know Nana language. Cool purse!

  2. I love your words about clouds--okay first photo-a two headed bear in the center and a little bird with outstretched wings on the left. In the second photo, a large head with face looking upward ;and the last, a large alligator head with the roundish eyes sitting on top--well, I do have quite an imagination I am told--love the little purses--you won't believe the stupid people at the grocery where I mailed your envelope--it was a weird envelope anyway-had the TO on one side and the From on the other-so you can guess where it got mailed to...trying again today.

    1. Hi Janet, yes I see your cloud shapes all of them. And the things didn't move or change shape while I was watching. I am sorry about the To And From mess up. I don't understand what the Post office is doing now days. They folded my magazines bad this time I mean heavy creases in them. Never in all our married life has that happened. Hugs my dear, keep cool xoox

  3. Beautiful photos of the clouds!
    Your purse is absolutely stunning:)
    Lovely work.
    Hugs, Heidi:)

  4. The purse is absolutely adorable Annette. I love the theme and the colors.


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