Friday, August 30, 2013

A different glasses case or the 18 inch Rule

Well lots of things have different names like in this instance glasses aka specs  or eyes or whatever else the names come up with.  Cases, pouches, holders   (the holders is my name for them)  sometimes they are called the little do dads that hold my eyes. 

Now sometimes these "eyes" are on top of my head, beside my end table or on top of some stuff I am sewing.  Right now they are sort of Wally World specs but trust me they have rhinestones and bling on them.  I bought them at a needle work shop and of course had to have them with savorski crystals on them.   A lot of the time they are lost, yes lost.  Laughing their heads off saying " she can't find me yatta yatta yatta".   They could be sticking their tongues out if they had them.    I use the 18 inch rule a lot.  Now what is that you may ask?   Usually what you have lost is within 18 inches from where you are standing or were sitting.  I kid you not.  Or when you walk in a room 18 inches from the doorway.  I don't know if that is as far as they can run but that is usually where they are. 

Ok enough about my eyes today.  

I have been infatuated with the Day of the Dead fabric art.  Or Dia de los Muertos.    It even prompted me to open an Etsy shop.  Yes a cyber shop if you will.  What am I going to do next in this fast moving new fangled world?

  So here is my DoD pretty. 

Part of the embellishment on the front. They eyes, better to see with you my dear. Sorry had to say that. 

Another angle of one of the front skulls.   Love all the beads they just bring the whole piece to life.

The whole front are these not colorful and fun? 

 I had to add a pocket to the back, a girl cannot have to many pockets to hold treasures.
There you go my case, pouch or whatever you want to call it.   
I just wanted to show you and wish you a safe Labor Day , I use to take it to heart.  Labor Day and we would clean out the garage and whatever little projects we had.  Labor-work?  Get it?
Next blog post might be long but it is one that I have felt in my heart to talk about.   It will be about art----TRADITIONAL and DIGITAL.   I think you will find it interesting.  I am thinking it may take me a while to write it.   Remember I am not an author just me.
Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is happening in my world.