Thursday, August 8, 2013

Faerie Eggs and Fabric Books

Hello and hi there, well here it is August!!!! I mean already August.   Man alive time if truly flying by.  Can you see Father Time floating by with his banner across his chest and his staff?  Well I know they show him as a baby January 1 with a banner across his chest and at the end of the year a very elderly gentleman with long beard and all.   I can truly see why he looks that just keeping up with us for a whole year has got to be exhausting. 

The other day I received some happy mail as I call it.  When I get an unexpected package with treasures in it.   I guess that is why I like to send them out because I know how they make me feel.  HAPPY !!!!   One of the things - treasures in it was a little tin of Fairy Eggs. Yep you read correct.  Now what do they look like you may ask?  Well here they are.

Is this not the cutest tin?  I love it and Fairy Eggs?

The back of the tin is just as cute.   Had to show it also.

Here you go the Fairy Eggs in all their full glory.  This is just the cutest idea and the sweet lady that sent them said she just couldn't resist being as I have been creating faeries like crazy.   I have sold one of them and some of the ciggies and cards. Those little gals have been good to me I have to say.

Now this has nothing to do with Faerie Eggs or Fabric books but just had to share this Bougainvillea with you.  I do think it is outdoing it's self this year.  Such a breath taker isn't it?

I have been busy making some fabric books and wanted to share with you what I am doing.  Remember I have this beautiful lace and this one is for a gift so I did block out some of the pics until she gets it.   I hope she likes it. 

I did use some of my Faerie ciggies that I printed up from my art work.

Here is one more fabric book, it is small and I made it for my lace angel that gave me the lace from Taco Tuesday.  I don't know her at all so I hope she likes the book.  I didn't make a giant one for her so fingers crossed

Now I have one more fabric book done and will share it in a few days, I don't want you to have lace overload.  Of flower overload from some pics I took of our patio.   Granted we only have trees we have planted since we have been here but a tree is a tree in our flat land of the Texas Panhandle.
I guess the most challenging thing I am fixin to do is possibly open an Etsy shop.  My friend Geraldine and Mary Jane have urged me to so I will make a stab at it.   Yikes. 
There you go for today and thanks  for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.