Friday, July 5, 2013

A Long Trip Home

You know sometimes we might complain because we have to walk a ways to a certain place.  You know we do.  But after you read this heart warming story and a tear will come in your eye you will never complain again.

I have known sweet Sara since she was like 4 or 5 years old. Way back there, we photographed her wedding, probably one of the last ones we photographed but she is a special young lady.    I had lost contact with her but yea for Facebook----found her. 

This article was in the Abilene Texas paper and she posted it on FB.  I cannot say enough about it so please take the time to read and see what you think.  Your heart will swell with love and you will indeed have tears in your eyes.  I made the pics large enough so you could read the article well. 

Sara with her two 1/2 children and one brave  Sukoshi.
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  1. Don't you just love stories such as this one? I spent a whole hour last night watching "acts of kindness" on youtube. One of them was a young dog that had both front legs broken during the Oklahoma tornadoes and managed to go back home... Really inspiring.

  2. This was such a moving true story. I have no words... just teary eyes of joy for Sukoshi and Sara's family and a heavy heart for the loss of her father.


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