Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Trio of Faeries

The end of June is here !!!!!!   See?   Time is flying by.    It has been a bit toasty here the last few days almost like Death Valley.  Well almost, I think in the 1920's it was 135 ish there.  Now don't hold me on the numbers but they are sort of close to right.  Sort of.   I think here it was 107 degrees last week but suppose to be in the 80's next week.  We have dryer heat but trust me it is still hot.  I love the saying that it is dry heat and not as bad.  BUT dry heat does feel good on your bones and the aches are not as bad.     Sounds like I am a weather lady doesn't it?  Well trust me I am not. Just a lady enjoying her retirement and doing whatever comes to mind. 
 They are right though, the humidity just kills you and makes a lady glisten.   Gentlemen sweat but a lady just glistens.  Trust me this lady does not like to glisten.  Well that is a term they used in Victorian days.   Can you imagine wearing all those petty coats and being tied up it the back tighter than Dick's hat band with the corsets?   Nope not in today's world.   Jeans and t-shirts are the norm for a lot of people these days.   Oh and whatever they call them now days,  flip flops.  Fancy and plain they are easy shoes to take off in a second.    I mean if you take you shoes off in the car and then when you get there, what two seconds to put your shoes back on?  Hey that might be a record of shoe putting back on contest. 
Lately as we have been enjoying the Texas Ranges Baseball games from the comfort of our living room I have still been drawing and playing with my faeries.   These sweet little creature come to me, I swear as I am sitting there saying Go RANGERS !!!!  I then get up and go get my art pad, my mechanical pencil and pastel pencils and just start sketching.   It is funny how the same features that this artist draws all come out so different.  I kind of do the sketching backwards or some of it.  I start with the faces and then hair and draw and color them in.  Then I think what are they going to do?  I make a few marks and it just goes where they want me to take them.   Usually the next day I get my Twinkling h2o's out, fancy watercolors with bling in them, and play with the backgrounds.  Then Prisma color pencils and some acrylic paints and off we go.  
Here are three of my newest ones.   I have 6 more sketched and waiting to be finished.  Just some goings on here so will be back to them soon.  
This first one I have titled  "Keep the Garden Music Ringing "I used some of an antique song book I found at an antique store.  It was really aged and coming apart but the pages were the perfect color and no one wanted it so we rescued it.    I had her face really turned up and thought she is going to drown if it ever rains so didn't want to do that to here.  
This next little faerie is entitled "Faerie with the  Blue Butterflies"  She first started out looking at me and then I erased the eyes and started over.  Thank goodness for kneaded erasers. 

The last little Faerie is entitled "Listening to the Garden Secrets".   I can just hear this little birdie fly telling about all the garden news.   When I see humming birds around here I wonder how they know each year to come back to whose yard and for what flower. 

These new cards are on my web site and thinking about selling prints of them.  What do you think?   I am excited a store here in Lubbock has started carrying my cards.  So more people can enjoy the playfulness of faeries.  
Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today. 


  1. Beautiful cards and congrats on all your sales, hugs Annette x

  2. I love all of these, but I think listening to the garden music is my favorite!!

  3. I definitely think you should sell prints of your lovely fairies, I believe you would sell loads ! These three are all fabulous, sweet, dreamy and lovely...just like their creator, right ? xoxo

  4. Hi sweetie your fairies are so wonderful, love them all and also love the colors, have a nice day.
    Hugs Anni

  5. Annette! I am so impressed again, how can you keep amazing me all the time with your talent! Your new faeries are wonderful. That is so exciting that you have your cards in a store there! Love your blog and I love you too!


  6. Annette! I am so impressed again, how can you keep amazing me all the time with your talent! Your new faeries are wonderful. That is so exciting that you have your cards in a store there! Love your blog and I love you too!


  7. Glisten for sure! Beautiful ladies!


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