Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Just a Hello

Hello and hello.   Just wanted to touch base with y'all.   That is a cute saying isn't it?  Touch base?  Like we are all playing baseball and gotta touch base just to say hi.  I don't even know where that saying came from but I use it a lot.

Summer is perking along and before we know it school activities will start before school starts.  Volley ball, football and band to name a few.   And it starts so early here in the US.  I remember it didn't start until September but I guess that is dating me isn't it?

Been sketching and painting those priceless faeries  STILL !!!! I don't even know how many are waiting in the side lines now, patiently waiting their turn to glow and light up the paper.   Now I did start one the other night and she didn't want to be finished so to the bottom of the stack she went. 

Here is one I finished the other day.  Thought you might like to peek at her.  I will wait until I get 3 more finished and then off to the printers for cards they will go. 

Now this little cutie and her surroundings did not start out this way but she had her way with the paint brushes.   So here you go !
 I am fixin to start some fabric books they are almost as addicting as these faeries.  Will keep you posted.  
This is a short post but I know it is Summer and y'all are busy doing Summer things.  Ball games, the lake trips and even stay cations. 
Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.