Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A No Name Fairy- Now named the Faerie of Patience : )

There was a movie years ago about a man with no name and they even had a song with that in there--A Man with No Name.   It was a western if you might have thought that you are correct.   Can't imagine no name which brings me to wonder if the cave men had names?  I know I think about different things sometimes.   Wandering around with no name at all.    You also wonder about when people use to sign their name with X's.  I mean unless they add some flourish or something like little hearts or stars on the ends of the X wouldn't they all look alike basically?     I know I am really wandering here. 

  Now my ladies here in blog world I wonder how many of you went thru a stage and made hearts to dot I's?  Or circles and stars.    I certainly did and made them as fancy dancy as I could.  You know the poor teachers probably rolled their eyes when they got our papers? 

Ok back at the ranch as one or my teachers use to say when he wandered off the subject of Algebra.  

I have been on a Fairy kick recently, don't know why and certainly not questioning it.   I had first sketched her and started taking pics of my process but with all the changes happening that process got lost in the scrambles in my art room.    At first I had a soft watercolorish   ( pardon the word-it is an Annette word ) background and it was developing pretty I thought.   I worked on the fairy and changed her clothes many times and then the background- gads a soft airy background?  That certainly won't do.  Then the dark greens and blues popped in there and then the text and music .   The words to the music one line was No other place so sweet.   Now I liked that and thought where would this fairy like to be?   I thought in a beautiful garden with flowers, birdies to perch on her shoulder and sweet butterflies AKA  fly butters floating and dancing around.   And of course pretty vines with flowers on them so the butterflies could have some nectar.    The butterflies seem to just flit around her and share their beauty don't they? 

That quandary settled of where she was but her hair?   My goodness a hip Fairy needed a special hairdo and it kept developing and finally got to almost looking punk.  I kid you not like she had used a lot of gel on it.   To me she was elegant as her clothing appeared,  so the hair  turned reddish and I thought flowers in the hair would fit the ticket.  So flowers she got.    

She seems at peace now pausing by the tree and taking in the magic of the garden so we will leave her at that for now.  Funny when I work on these they take their own personality and little stories pop into my head about them.  

Her she is in her peaceful garden but still with no name.  Perhaps a name will come to you as you view her. 
Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.  

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