Saturday, January 12, 2013

Beginning with the Gelli Adventure

Here I am using that word again Begin/Beginning.   Humm wonder if my muse is telling me something.   Bless her heart sometimes she has to just hit me in the head and say ANNETTE !!!!    So consider that done.    Now this could be a lot of things to begin and in my world, as you may have noticed covers a large area.  I figure you have to use and stretch your brain or it may turn into Jello.  Now I am not saying Jello is bad, yummy in many ways but your brain?  Nope no Jello.  
It is funny though how simple Jello is and you just stir water in it and add "stuff" if you want and chill it but it is indeed something I forget to do.  I even have an eazy peazy cheesecake DH's mother gave me that is so good.  OK I am straying.  More on that at a later date. 
Soooooo, I am beginning another year with Life Book with Willowing .ning.  ( I have a littel clickie thing on the side bar ) One of the lessons so to speak,  guess you could call them lessons.  Just some fab Videos and PDF's from I think this year 24 teachers.  Wow what a learning experience. 
We are making what we think our Fairy Art Mother looks like and she can encourage us all year.   So here she is.   I first made the background, first one with the Gelli Plate, it was kind of gummed up but I don't think my Art Fairy cared.  I sketched her and did the watercolor crayon business on her and some acrylic paint.   I don't think she wanted to be left forever without bling.  A girl has got to have bling.   Now her crown turned into a little hat so I had to add some bling to it and a poof of tulle and a fairy charm.   Earrings of course.  Every Texas Fairy has to have earrings. 
I don't know if you can see but she has bracelets on also and a poofy skirt of pinkish tulle with glitter.  I thought this little gal will proudly guide me all year.   And of course her wings have bling-AKA Mica flakes.
Man alive this is indeed habit forming I just played and thinking I will look more intently at some videos but the Fairy and I just played.    After adding paint and printing off with the old finger rub on the plate, high tech here.   I then added doodles and do dads with my pens.
So here ya go,   they were fun .  

I am looking forward now to adding "stuff" to these for my art journals and tags and whatever I can come up with.   
Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.