Monday, January 21, 2013

Annette You are on a Roll

Wow here I am back again today.  I guess the computer keyboard and I are the besties at the moment.   Not sure if the computer and I are though.   You never know about those things, I think at times there is a little gremlin in it and says to it's self---"Lets see if we can make Annette pull her hair out today".   I know it is a machine but not sure about it. 
Years ago when I started photography DH told me in his patient way~Annette this is just machinery and it will break down.    No way Jose, it is a new camera, a new flash and everything new.  It won't act up.   Right?   Ha and Ha ha.   Usually at the most inconvenient times would it act up.   BUT to give it good praise it held up well and usually and always usually if was something Annette did, not the equipment.   Oh every once in a while  a sync cord would bite the dust and a battery needed replacing but sometimes I would forget to check them and thank goodness I always carried lots of extras if I shot on location.  
I have been using the word BEGIN  or it has attached itself to me this year but I did begin a new project.  I have seen the beautiful fabric books around   and  Pat Winter  gave the instructions so off I went to BEGIN a new adventure. 
I posted a peek at a page semi done.   Here is the whole book, now after seeing it on here there are a few things I am going to add.   Now one thing to do is  remind  ourselves is when you lace up the ribbon for the pages------- DON"T get excited and put the charms on the dangle ends and forget to tie them off at the top so they won't come undone.  Hummmm, wonder if Annette did that?   Bet she did. 
The front of the book, now I tried like crazy not to get to overboard on this whole book, you know me and beads are on the best of terms. 
The back of the book and there on both of these is the dangles and pretties I added to the ribbons,  that I forgot to tie off and the top.    Won't mention that again. 

One set of pages, I tried to make them flow -be the same but not be the same.  So the pages look like they belong. The sunflower is printed on fabric and is one of my paintings.  Might as well make them work for their pay.  Oh I don't pay them well, you know what I mean.    I hope you can see all the pretties and some of this is antique lace we have purchased at Estate sales, some was pretty tattered but can salvage enough so the lady, whoever she is, who made it will be remembered. 

The next set of pages with ribbon from a tag I received.  Gotta use everything.   The sequin pretties are from Flights of Fancy.   I had fun gathering this "stuff"  My art table was piled high with lace and "stuff"  

Now this set has to have fairies, and the one in green is from one of my paintings.    Jane do you recognize her?    I added a fairy charm to one of them and thinking now that the green in the lower left of the right page is calling for something.  

I tried to add a lot of texture to the pages and little sayings kind of an inspiration book -sort of.     My eyelets didn't want to stay put some some went to eyelet heaven. 
There you go my first fabric book.  I have some ideas for another one, Pat said it was habit forming and I believe it is.  Oh my another habit, but can use this wonderful lace I have and been saving since forever ago.  
Oh my it is smelling so good here, trying another crock pot dish from the Six Sisters.  Yummy.   
Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.


  1. OMG girl! This is beyond gorgeous! You got all of this out of that wonderful tutorial???? I am still looking for my sewing machine:)
    So beautiful!

    1. Yes that one tutorial gave me the know how to do this and then I played and played. Thanks so much my talented friend. I just sent my machine up in the middle of my art room, It had been held prisoner for years and now has found sunlight. I know it is smiling. It is old as the hills but works just the same. almost need a hoist to lift it. xoxo

  2. Beautiful job Annette and I bet you machine is smiling!

    Hugs Ladybug, Marilou xoxo

  3. Yes, you did Annette. So pretty with lots of laces. Isn't it fun to find homes for bits and pieces of lace we hold on to forever? A few years ago I would never cut into a whole piece of lace, now nothing stops me...unless I am giving it away. Have fun....I know you are.

  4. Oh Annette: You really took Pat's tutorial and ran with it. It is one gorgeous piece of work. Now you have me debating whether to take one on. Love all of your pages and that back cover is really awesome. Let's see I have an old lace tablecloth in the closet, Hmmmm ...................
    Thanks for sharing and now wonder what Pat will have us doing next.
    Hugs, Denise

  5. Annette beautiful job all finished, I bet your sewing machine had a big work out, II'm on my IPad so I don't think my comment took as I thought I left you one, so just so you know "you gained a lot fom Pat's tutorial, I knew you could do it! Yummy and It looks like you had fun!
    Hugs Marilou

  6. Oh goodie it worked, I thought I was losing it, lol This toy is a whole new thing!
    Hugs agin, ML

  7. On a roll is right! WOW! This is amazing! PINNING!

  8. Got to try one of these books after seeing this gorgeous creation. think there are one or butterflies there that didn't come from an estate! You have sewn up an heirloom.
    Ger x

    1. Ohn Geraldine, bet you are correct ont the butterfly, wonder where it came from? Across the big pond possibly? : ) Thanks you gotta try it, Pat's instuctions were perfect. xoxoxo

  9. The book is amazing. You are creating such beauty this year Annette!!!!

  10. Oh my , you have really been busy, and what a gorgeous work, so inspiring, really would love to try doing this too, even thought I know I won't ( lack of time ) ! And yes of course I recognize the little fairy, she has been so beautifully dolled up here. Really admire this work Annette, it is so special and precious. Hugs !

  11. Hi Annette,

    Woow, the book is so lovely, so wonderful...I like it!

    Greatings from Germany,

    Thank you for comment...but my blog is here;-)

    1. thank you Klaudia and hello over there. I am so tardy about replying to my dear followers comments. It was fun and my art room looked like a tornado hit it. Lace everywhere lol


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