Saturday, August 11, 2012

Blooms of Feasting

Well the middle of August is upon us.  This time of year the flowers are still pretty and just blooming their little heads off.  Dancing in the breeze or here the  blowing wind, but dancing in the breeze sounds so much prettier.  The butterflies are flitting around and in the morning and later evenings the humming birds make their little trek to visit.   Love their little sound they make and they are busy little things, going from one flower to another, I guess like a smorgasbord or us being in a buffet line, which I am not fond of by the way.  Another story on that one thought, I don't mind them but don't like them.  Do you ever have a feeling like that about things?

When we purchase flowers  or trees in fact, we always try to think of the birds and what the little hummers will like.  

The Desert Willow, are these not the prettiest blooms, like little orchids.  The hummers love these and really work them over.  We have planted 3 of them.  They, whoever they are,  use to have them growing on the side of the road so you know they are hardy because they don't have water hoses or sprinkler systems on the roadways.   They would always be so pretty and bloom and they are not a thick tree just light and airey looking.  AND  when our hard water hits their leaves it doens't kill them.  We have some Oak trees we have to keep trimed up because the water hitting the leaves flat kills them.   

This year, even though we water big time for the trees, being so dry the desert willows  are not blooming this pretty.  I hope in the fall they get after it and give us a show like this again.  So do the hummers.

Oh I forgot what this one is called, but we have several of them.  They stay semi green in the winter also so that is a little perk besides being very humming bird friendly.  We can be sitting right next to these little bloomers and the hummers just come on up and feast away.  We have a humming bird feeder also just incase they don't get their fill.  I do take it down like late September or early October so they will go on down south and don't freeze to death.  Makes you tired to think about flying that far as tiny as they are. 

We have this non winter Hibiscus, guess you would call it tropical but it lives in the back tropical hideaway in the winter.   I can't remember how old it is, probably at least 1o years old.  That is what we call the back garage with the heaters and smoke alarms and baby monitors.  Just in case the flowers get to having a dance out there and I can hear it. 

Now if you look close you can see one of the hummers eating on this bloom, the blooms only last a day and usually in the summer there maybe  5 to 10 blooms open in a day.  Hope you can see him.   Be sure and click on the pictures and they will enlarge for you. 

Another view of the little feeder. 

Just before he flew off he cooperated and ate at the top bloom perfect shot, well as best as I could get and not scare him off. 

There you go for us today.  Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in our world today. 

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