Sunday, August 26, 2012

Do Hail and Glass Mix?

I think I have mentioned our hail storms and how damaging they are and sometimes it looks like it has snowed it is so thick.  Kind of hard snow but  it does looks like it has snowed but no snowmen made out of these.   Usually in the spring is when we get the hard stuff and we have seen it hail in July before, which if you have a crop is pretty heart breaking to see your crop be stripped of all of it's leaves and be gone after all that money and time put into the crop.  

You usually hear a thud, then more thuds and then a bunch of thuds.  Thank goodness it doesn't hail for long,  usually.  The size is from pea size to soft ball size incase anyone is not familar with the stuff.   Sometimes windows break, our windows, luckily have not broken but a lot here in the neighborhood did get broken.   Glass can only take so much pounding. 

Where in the world are you going with this story Annette?  You might be asking yourself. 

This late spring we went to Dallas and saw the grands and I had read in the paper where  the Chihuly exhibit at the Dallas Arboretum was on display.   Beautiful blown glass, big pieces of blown glass.   So "happily" we went to see it.   After we enjoyed the trip thru the Arboretum I suggested we go to Bass Pro Shop and eat, there is a great restaurant there and lots to see, so spirits were perked up and off we went.   There is a lake there now Lake Ray Hubbard that you can sit and eat and enjoy the scenery.   Now I have a special place in my heart for that lake.   This piece of land is where my Daddy use to have his horses and we would go ride them there.  Now I am not, by all means, a horse woman and I am sure when I got on the horse he thought ---"Oh no a city slicker who doesn't know how to ride."  He turned his head as I got on, not as easily as you see Cowboys in the movies get on their horses.  I did not try to do anything fancy except hang on and glad he knew what he was doing because I did not.   Of course he was right but I tried.     I do love horses though even the smell of them, such regal animals.    One day Daddy told us he had to move the horses because they were going to make a lake there.   So when we eat there I just like to look out and think of those good times we had there.

Chihuly has a studio in Vegas and we "forced" ourselves to go to it and was impressive and  got to see a video of how he makes the glass and how some of his students create the pieces.  I would love to own a piece of it but I would also like to buy lots of art supplies so sorry Chihuly art supplies win. 

Now Dallas did get a hail storm and some of the pieces got broken at the Arboretum but they were shipped off and repaired. 

I do have several pictures of some of what we saw so please enjoy them as we did.    Don't forget to click on them so you can see them larger.  This is just a dabbling of what we saw.  
ENJOY !!!!

I thought you might like a close up of this one. 

There you go breath taking aren't they?  They seem so fragile but the hail came right after we went there and was reported that there was very little damage to them.  That is some tough glass.

Well thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.


  1. wooooooooooooooooow thanks so much for the journey through your piccies! Was really wonderful and I enjoyed it so much!
    Hugs, Alessandra

  2. Oh Annette--Chihualy (I think I misspelled that) anyway--he is fabulous and I wish I could see that glass in real life!

  3. Oh my! Such artistry! Thanks so much for sharing the inspiring photos!

  4. wow thats one talented guy , just amazing...

    hugz bev

  5. Dear Annette all these glas art are amazing, must have been so wonderful to see, love the photo with the photo with boats. Wish you a lovely week.
    Hugs Anni


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