Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lawn Mower Thinking

I think I have visited with you about Car Talks with DH ( dear hubby) but sometimes I just have thougths or talks with myself when I mow.   Mowing to me is kind of like ironing, time to do a chore but still your mind can think of other things while doing the chore.  DH and I have our little pecking order on the yard.  I edge the front and he mows the front ( I think he does a better job of the mowing) and he edges the back and I mow the back.  I know you can't believe this but sometimes I don't mow the same way, which is good so it doens't have ruts but DH says he wonders what I am doing out there, but never asks. 

Now at times I have taken the camera with me  on the mower and even gotten a shot of the dogs digging for frogs.  The fur babies are always entertaining to us.  Right now their little past time is Jewel, the 8 1/2 inch tall dog  with her nose into a gopher hole all the way up to her eyes and Libby the fluffy bigger dog stands guard over her and wigs and wags the tail like here I am-- GUARD DOG.   Like who is going to bother Jewel  while she is buried eye deep in a hole ?  Certainly not the gophers, they haven't been around for years but the fur babies keep looking just in case.    Seems like every time the holes get wet the scent keeps popping back up but the fur babies don't understand that little trick of Mother Nature.  We have 4 burms in the back yard and if you take your life in your hands you could walk back there at night,  but I kid you not the holes are deep and plentyful.  Like mini grand canyons.    We don't mind it though, the grass basically covers them and it keeps the fur babies happy and we can't see them--EXCEPT when I mow.   It is bumpy back there and I do go slow as a turtle when mowing that part.  

I am happy to have a riding lawnmower and we are on best of terms.... the mower and I.  I ride and enjoy the scenery and it just perks along as long as it is fed gasoline.  Now we run the best gasoline we can in it, years ago we were told to do that.  The mowers run  and preform better with the higher octane.   So it gets fed well.

I think about the plants and how they are doing, watch the dragon flies, watch the birds fly around me as I mow.  Don't know why they fly around me unless the think I am Cinderella and are going to sing and help me but don't think that is why they do that.   Maybe when mowing I stir up bugs or seeds for them to eat.  Don't have a clue why they do it but it is peaceful to watch them fly in circles and dip and dive around.   I think about the art I am going to do that day after I drag myself in and clean up for the day ( like the day really gives it a thought if I clean up for it)  and  eat lunch.   All kinds of problems of the world get solved while I mow, at least in my mind they do.  

The evergreen Holley Fern just opening up one of it's beautiful green and shining leaves.  Love them because they just reward us all year with their color and just keeps growing. 

Our Elephant ears, this is our third year to enjoy them from the same gigantic bulb.  We only thought they lasted one year but this one is tough and rewards us even though our water has so much salt in it.  So a tough plant it is. 

I think these are Crotons, beautiful colors for full sun but alas it has not grown tall but still shows off the yellows, reds and greens with it's brother and sister.   have to plant in threes you know.

Speaking of red, the Humming bird feeder has to sparkle with all the reflections. 

Jewel after a hard morning on helping me mow and making sure the gophers don't come up to see what is going on.  Yes it is a hard life being a fur baby. 

Libby the protector of Jewel in her digging.  She protects us from dragons in the form of trash trucks also.   She is so kind hearted and good companion for Jewel and us. 

The lawn mower, I made a little collage of it to show it off.  We have had it nearly 6 years  and enjoyed every time we use it.  No really, try using a push mower on an acre.      On the right lower corner is the litttle know that revs it up aka makes it go faster.   It gets to stay in the back garage when not in use.   I forgot to get the loose grass off of it before putting it away.  
Oh if you would like don't forget to go to August 5th entry I am having a give a way and the drawing date is August 31, I am going to have to do it a little early though because I may be gone.  
There you go what is going on in my world today.  Thanks for stopping by .