Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Quest and Baseball

Now who would have thought that baseball, our Texas Rangers, and my quest for wanting to find out what I want to do for the next say 20 years , art wise or any other wise,  would go hand in hand?   I was thinking this morning that is an unusual combination even for me. 

I just finished an different fun project, even for me.  I am in Artful Gathering, guess you know that by now don't you?   The second session is I think still open for a few more days, I have taken the second class with Pat Winter, the wonderful crazy quilting.  It is kind of up my alley with lots and lots of bling.   Now this is where the Texas Rangers come into play, like that? come into play?  We are not playing baseball together but while I watch them play ball in the comfort of my cool home with DH at my side.  I do my beading and stitches with my crazy quilting.  I made some more bees last night with some little beads I won at Pat's class.  I was excited about winning them.  So more bees added to my little hive of bees I have made.  I have used some and given more away so the older ones needed some more company.   I even sew the strips of fabric needed to make the Crazy Quilt piece by hand so the Rangers can help with that a sewing maching would  make that part go faster.   LOL, can you imagine those big baseball players sitting here helping me sew.  I just chuckle when I think of that, they are some big guys there, wearing their" costumes" that is what I call their uniforms and sitting there helping me?    Beltre, Hamilton, Elvis, now he would help me I think.   Only on the TV but I just had to share that.

OK back to Artful Gathering.  I am also taking or have just finished it with Nellie Wortman.  She does so arty different things so I thought I am on the quest so why not?   She is  a great teacher also and has shared her heart out with what she is doing. The name of the  class is "Not your ordinary photo album".   So of course that perked my ears up. 

We dealt with nails and chains and fun 'guy' things.  Once I was hammering and I thought it sounds like I am building a house in my art room.  Not really a house and I was holding the hammer like a girl.  Yes  DH says I hold a hammer like a girl.  How is that you ask?  I hold it close to the head of the hammer, he says I need to hold it at the handle end to have leverage.   Sometimes I do hold it so I can get leverage but I thought girl hammering is great for this project. 

The side view of the spine with do dads and beads

The front decorated with a fairy charm I had and made the little heart and the cover on the book had a gazillion layers on it.

The side view with a nail that yours truly nailed in. The back has several of the nails in it also  and the staple on the side was nailed in also.  I put wax on the sides, love that stuff it smells ever so slightly of honey.   Reminded me of the little bees I make. 

Here it is finished, the chain kind of got out of place it is suppose to be whooper jawed but after I saw it I fixed it and then tied some more fabric to it and at the top of the left wire. Can't have to much on these little things.    Can hang on the wall or sit safely somewhere, right now mine is on the wall in my art room. 

The book with the inside pages.  I covered three signatures with some fabric and I think have like 4 sheets of paper inside each signature. I am sounding technical now aren't I?   On the back page I wrote my favorite saying of "Be who you are and do what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind"   Those that won a prize from me got one of the sheets with that on there. 

There you go another adventure on the quest of what I am going to do for the next 20 years or so.

Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.
                           xoxoxoxoxox Annette