Monday, July 23, 2012

One Man's trash is Another Man's Treasure

I have always heard this saying about "One man's trash is another man's treasure, BUT I have also heard one man's trash is still another man's trash.  So I guess it is how you look at it or if you are having a bad day it all might all  be trash.    Ever since I have started my new journey of  finding out what I want to do in the art world since retiring DH ( dear husband)  has been helping me with my journey.   We have started going to estate sales, now you can call them that but really glorified garage sales is what they are to us.   Big purchases?  Well if you call $5 a big purchase--yes.   Might even break the bank on this, well at one time when we were first married I guess it could.   BUT -- $5 back in 1961 was certainly more than $5 buying power of today.    I mean we could go to Kim's drive in and get two cheese burgers and fries and two soft drinks for $.99.   That was a treat and a treasure to us and we had time together.

I don't like to cut up DH's  ( Dear Husband's) mother's pretties but if I don't know  the people  it is fair game for me to cut up to my heart's content.  I guess like hunting for  chicken eggs in a hen house with lots of nests in them.  Not really hunting is it?  But we go to some of the sales and sometimes find pure treasures.   

I have been taking the class of Crazy Quilts with Pat Winter at Artful Gathering.  My second class by the way.

This sweet little clasp purse if one I just finished and notice the little bead bee is at the lower  left of the page.  He corrals the flowers so they don't go stray like a bunch of cattle or sheep.  Not having much to do with sheep I guess could just be cattle, but use your imagination of what he is doing. 

The Estate Sale we went to today was a house built by Frank Lloyd Wright and we were really excited to see his style of houses.  He was a great designer in his day and even today.    It was run down pretty bad but could see the lines of his design. 

What did we find you ask?   Well this lacy sweater, I can see it cut up and dyed to beautiful colors and applied to some crazy quilt squares and even some of my art journals. 

Below is some wiggly pictures of a silk vest for a whole $6, beautiful colors and designs.  I can see this cut up into pieces and added with some solids and taa dah Crazy Quilt.    

It even has some beads that I know can be used.  So this sale was a success.  So possibly it is true that the trash and treasure thingy is true-this time.

Well thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today. 
oxoxox   Annette