Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May, Hail and Bling

Can you believe it?  May is here, I mean here with the nice toasty temps and all.  We should get the May flowers that April showers bring so that will be so pretty this year.  A drought last year but we did have some rain in April, probably not enough to break the drought but rain is rain and we will take it anytime.  Well, most anytime.  Nope anytime will work around here.

This time of year in West Texas rain clouds do bring hard rain.  Now what is hard rain do you ask?  HAIL !!!   Not the little pea size that just knocks off a few leaves--we are talking golf ball to softball size.  We had a hum dinger of a storm the 29th of April, just before Hubs birthday.  In our part of town we got the HAIL !!!!    We drove around the area the next day, farming we call it and any car that was left out had no windshields or back windows and really looked pitiful.   Lots of windows got broken and we even found parts of some one's skylight in our yard.  

We were watching the baseball game and saw some clouds and thought whoa Nellie, we better check the weather.  About that time  we turned to the station on the TV or Tellie they were saying there was a tornado on the ground about 1585 and Slide Road, now people that was us.  So we got the fur babies together and down the stairs we went.  Well the short legged baby took one step at a time and the bigger fur baby stuck to the steps and would not move one inch.   Hubs just ooched her along and going back up the stairs was just as eventful.   We didn't find much damage in the rest of the world though, power line poles snapped here and there and one roof caved in but lots and lots of hail damage.  It certainly could have been worse let me tell you.   Us?  We are fine, need another new roof and gutters now.  You know I wonder if God is telling us something?   We have lived in this house a little over three years now, and this will be the second roof we have to replace and we have been hit by lightening once.  Don't know if we just aren't listening to his signs here. 

I went out in the yard Monday and took these pics of the front yard or a piece of it.  The dark thingies you see are hail holes,  I have never seen the likes of this in grass.  Now when we farmed and got a hail you could see dings like this but it was in soft dirt.   Bet if you click on the pic they will be bigger, not the holes the pic.   : )

A close up of said holes.  Didn't know which ones to show you there were plenty to chose from though.

One more batch of hole pics, you know once you have seen a hail hole you have basically seen the things.  Yes it was very loud even in the basement. 

So on a lighter, blingie and nonsense note here is some bracelets I have made.  The Gilded Stash Society and their beads are just so pretty.   The first one was a little kit and the others were part of the monthly package. 

Now mind you I am not a jewelry maker, no no no, but these were fun to make.  I think if I sold them I would have to ask a gazillion dollars for as long as it took me.   I love blingie things but don't like to pay the prices so this fits the bill on both.  You know Texans like bling.

This cutie has buttons and I glued buttons on top them.   Sorry to get you excited there but I didn't think of this my self. 

Now this bottom bracelet was suppose to have lots more buttons on it but I didn't want to feel like the button lady so I changed the design of it. 

So there you go.   Thanks so much for stopping by  Annette's world and seeing what I am up to.  xoxoxoxo


  1. Looks like you aerated your yard!! Yikes glad I didn't see that. Enjoy your bling :)

  2. Goddammittt woman is there nothing u cant do love your Bling...

    wow those were big babies to make holes like that just think if one hit u on the head u would be out like a light ...ave a good one my friend xoxoxox

  3. Wow the holes are huge!
    Your bling is gorgeous:)
    Beautiful work.
    Hugs, Heidi:)

  4. wow your jewellery is fabulous Annette and the holes the hailstones made in your lawn are awesome. Thank you for sharing, x

  5. My goodness Annette, I am really glad that you are well, what a terrible weather, must have ben scary hearing all that noise when you were down in the basement . Your bling is awesome as everything you do , so now I know that in Texas you love bling and you have high hair LOL ! xoxo

  6. We've had some crazy weather around here too! Love that you are also make jewelry. I'm one of those that likes to keep learning too!


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