Tuesday, May 22, 2012

On a Roll with Japanese Stab Bound

Do you ever just get on a roll and want to just create and play with one thing?  Like an almost obsession?   Be it cooking, sewing, cleaning house or even yard work? It seems like I have on making these journals.  First it was the Coptic binding one, need to make some more of them , then the paper sack journals and now the Japanese Stab Bound ones.  I know my art room is saying "what about the painting? "  My room should be happy I am in here- listening to my play list tunes, the TV is on watching Criminal Minds and NCIS and I am happy as a lark just creating up a storm.  Sometimes our fur babies are even in here with me doing what they do best   SLEEP.  I bought another cabinet to hold goodies and Eldon painted it red for me.  He is a lot better at spray paint than I am, I get in a hurry if you can imagine that.  So see?  The room should be happy.   

The instructions on the JSB books says to use paper to hold it together but I did follow directions on the first one.  BUT  the second one I thought why not canvas ?  It would be sturdy and certainly accept any media I wanted to put on it.  I just happen to have a tad of canvas so canvas it was.   I used the scallop chipboard I so proudly bought, drew the edges off and cut them and glued it all together.   I used some tag board paper, which I find takes our gob and goo painting and gluing wonderfully and some watercolor paper also. 

The newly finished outside.  It sports some lace and of course some bling.   I think you can see the binding on the journal, I used some seam binding and used some to thread in the lace as well as some velveteen ribbon I had.  The lace medallion thingie is something I picked up at the DAV for I think 50 cents.  I first did it without the bling  and after taking it's picture thought nope gotta have bling.  Even if it is not rhinestones bling it is. 

The inside covers I did like and used the green pen to make the edges pretty.  Now my paper shifted some but will get that mastered.  Haven't figured out why they shifted but I will. I don't know what I am going to do with these but they are fun to make. On ward and upward on the JSB journals.    

  Thanks for stopping by to see what is going on in my world today.      Oh be sure and stop by the May 12 entry for my give away. 
xoxoxoxo See you next time.


  1. Loving this fab book with the great binding. You could always send one to me...........lol Annette x

  2. So sweet and good for you spending time in your studio! Did you just complete a new painting? I'd love to see it! Hugs

  3. Hi Annette, well might just have to find your address :)

    Jane, just deleivered it yesterday and flat forgot to take a pic, I was so enthralled to take this journals pic and forgot it. the beautiful lady that picked it up yesterday loved loved it and always such a good feeling when they love our work. xoxo

  4. This is a very pretty book! Love the colors!

  5. Hi Annette!!!! Glad to see you in blog land! Yours looks wonderful by the way!

  6. Keep doing these my friend , you really do them lovely! And I agree some bling is necessary..it gives another feeling. xoxo


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