Sunday, September 25, 2011

Car Talk and Crayons

Car talk, you know when you are in the car with your hubby going places and you solve the problems of the world ?  Well, hubby and I have been married for over 50 years now and for the last five years, he says a thousand years but five years is more like it, we have been "joined at the hip".  We have most always traveled together and that is the time when we solve the problems of the world.  When I would go off and photograph weddings and proms he was always there for me.   I really don't think the world  listens to us but we try.  Makes for good conversation while traveling in a not to exciting stretch of road.  Now when we go to town and buzz around it is not serious problems we solve.  Like a mile and one -half from our house is a "pond" of sorts and when it is full  of water the migrating Canadian Geese fill that little thing up and right now it is nearly empty and two or three long legged white birds are living and walking around there.  Now where will they go when it is totally dry?   A sub division we drive past are building two new "doll" houses next to one on the corner and what new business is going in down the street?  Those are the town problems we solve and goings on we observe.  

Somehow the subject of crayons came up.  How you ask?  Who  only know but hubby said he remembers getting a box of 64 of the beautiful sticks of wax.   64 !!!!! Now that sounds like manna from heaven to me.  I remember the biggest box I ever got was  a mere 24, it was usually the 8 count ones but I loved all of them.   I would get a new box of 8 and color til my hearts content.   It would be tragic when I had to peel the paper back to release more of the beautiful colors.   Inside the lines I would color, making sure all the strokes followed the contour of whatever I was coloring and outlined each and every picture.  

One day we were going to Wally World AKA Wal-Mart for some treasure and hubby said "I'll be right back"  well, me being Miss Nosey Nurse  I had to go see what he was doing.  He had picked up for me 120 count of crayons.  Yes  your read correctly 120! This just made a tear come into my eye that he bought me crayons. 

 The Crayola Crayons were packaged in a big box with a box of 24 and two of 48.  These are the colors in the 24 package.   Color names like tickle me pink and robin's egg blue.

The two boxes of 48 with wonderful different colors.  They proudly sit in my art room now at a place of honor on my table.  

Now September is coming to an end and the first day of Fall or Autumn was Friday September the 23.  So happy Fall to you all.   Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world.  

Can't wait to show you all the bottles I have been decorating but that is for next time.   Don't want to wear your  eyes out.   xoxoxox


  1. Those are, indeed, a beautiful set of crayons. Is it me? Or, do they not produce the saturation that crayons of the past used to? Anyway, they are so delicious to look at, one could almost eat them! Hugs!

  2. HI Jane, I know what you mean one box of 48 is more earth colors and the others are just fun colors. There are not just red yellow and blues in this set, weird isn't it?

  3. Dear Annette. What a wonderful couple you two are...fifty years together and still so affectionate . Really touching the gesture of 'hubby'. Love the way you tell a story, so freely as if you were just talking.
    Big hugs to you and also to 'hubby' for his sweet thought!

  4. over 50 years, wow! Gary & I got together in 1991 (it'll be 21 years in November since we met & 21 in June since we moved in together.. since our youngest has a birthday in June, we celebrate in November. Weird, but that's how the cookie crumbles!)

    Re: crayons, I was looking at the 64 set at Dollar General the other day & thinking about getting it JUST so I can have it to look at unless I find something to actually do with the crayons. I prefer my inktense pencils & lyra polycolor colored pencils & watercolors & gouache for color at the moment... but would love to see the names of the crayons!

    BTW, I came across your blog URL through Arlene's Finish This Book-along!

    1. Hi Jessica, sorry just now getting back to you. A tad late ya think? I didn't even know you had posted here. Hope all is well and keep creating. Hope you bought the crayons, like you said just to have them. lol


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