Saturday, September 10, 2011

From the mid 70's to an Altoid Mint Tin

The 70's, my that was an interesting era.  Don't think I want to go back to it with bell bottom pants and some pretty wild colors.  So much going on during that time in our life and certainly the world.   WHEW !!!  

 Now when you do a short lived, you noticed I said short lived, hobby back then and saved it with all of it's doings I certainly think you need to make a special display out of it.  Now what was this hobby you ask?  It was TATTING !!!!   You have this special little shuttle, holder of a bobbin with fine thread and spend hours and hours to make 1/2 of an inch of it.  Not only was it slow but very hard on your nerves.   I made about 18 inches to one yard of it.  Closer to 18 inches though.  this has got to be a lost art that our little great grandmothers did and some grandmothers made.  You used a tiny crochet hook with these little torture instruments.  It is pretty on clothing and hankies but I would have to have naked hankies if I carried one.   Naw, Kleenex is a good thing to have around.   I just hated to give up on it and declaring that a little piece of thread won but it was the winner over me. 

Cristina Zinnia Galliher of Roses on my Table is teaching some great techniques on her site and one is Shrines.  I didn't have a clue what a shrine was in our art world but if something is calling to have a shrine made of it tatting is.   So after some extensive digging, I hate to throw anything away, I found the pretty doings and the instruments you used.

Meet the Altoid Tin,  I did forget to say they are some curiously strong mints made in England and they come in little tins.   On the outside of the tin is a little hint of tatting.  I slightly altered the look of the tin, warning they do not come decorated like this. 

The inside of the little tin.  Of course you can see the shuttle, holder of the little round bobbin with some of the tatting spread around both sides of it.   So now the tatting and its torture parafanilia have a little resting spot and trust me I will not ever use the shuttle or any of it again. I did think the lace is pretty and now certainly appreciate it.   Inside I wrote tatting is patience and it is if you do any of it at all.

I did line the inside of the shuttle section with gimp.  If you look very close you can see a section of it.   This is gimp.  When I went to a local store and said something about gimp the lady looked at me in discust.  I don't think she knew what this was called.    The goldie gimp and the pretty lace I used in this was from some of my Gilded Girls Stash Society.  The treasures you get are to pretty to use but trying to use them, some of them. 

There you go this is what is going on in my world for the moment.  Well, this is over and onward and upward to another project.  I still do believe ART HEALS and it does.    Thanks for stopping by.  See ya later.  xoxox


  1. Thanks for sharing this beautiful object!
    I like this kind of art.

  2. My grandmother used to sit and tat embellishing hankies and pillow cases. I tried off and on for many years to learn, but I could never get the hang of it. Lovely story, Annette. Hope you didn't have any of the fires close to you.

  3. Some things are better left to grandmothers :-)) although I must say I appreciate these works. Big hug to you Annette

  4. What a lovely story. It brings back memories of my mother teaching me to tat and after some time, realizing I like instant gratification. Tatting is not it.

    Hugs beautiful lady

  5. Thanks for "always look at the bright side of ..."


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