Thursday, October 6, 2011

From Sand to Bottle Art

Here it is already the 6th of October.   I believe it is going by to fast and the little trick or treaters will be coming to our door wanting candy.   I use to make or bake home made treats for them but with the meanness that there is in the world  just the prepackaged goodies will have to do.   

Of course the month flying by could be because our wind in blowing like crazy here with gusts up to some hair blowing straight out MPH.  Our sand here is reddish  in color so it  makes for a colorful sky color.   Now at times I wonder what in the world is sand good for besides growning great peanuts except to get into your shoes and places we won't mention while at the beach.   It does filter into your house so it looks like you never dust just fine little granules.  So what else do you think?  Yep it makes glass.  Now I went on the Internet to see how they do it and you wonder how they did it years and years ago?   I am certainly glad I didn't have to think of it. 

I have been on a glass bottle hunt for the Bottle Art  I have been making.  I guess pretty soon it will have to be plastic.  I have become a glass bottle hunter at the grocery store also and am surprised how many are plastic and not glass. We might even have to change what we eat for the glass.   No plastic for me right now.  I can imagine how many of them I have thrown away in the years of my being.  

Earlier here I did post a couple or so of the bottles that I created.   So here is the lastest group of them I have created last week.  You don't know where you are going when you start with them and then your muse just takes over and tada it is done.  Now I tried to copy the yellow one like I made Grandaughter and it was hard to copy it.  My muse kept saying NO I want to do this and I want to do the yellow one.  Needless to say I won that conversation.  this time anyway. 

So here is the crew of last week.  I even used a photograph of Paris that Grandson took last year on one of them, it is the one on the right front with the red do dad on it.  I used some of my paintings and drawings and actually whatever I could find.  The toppers I got a little creative with, you can't have an empty bottle top.   There you go, hope you enjoy seeing what I did last week.

Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world.  See you next time.


  1. Art is a wonderful thing and you're a worthy interpreter!
    Congrats Annette I wish you a happy weekend!!

  2. Wow Annette! What a fantastic creativity, must have been real fun to create these unique vases. They really look great like this all together.

    Wish you a happy weekend . Big hug

  3. Oh wow Annette these are all fabulous, terrific alterations. x

  4. Great job on the bottles. I took that same class over at Roses and only really finished one. Proud of you to do so many.


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