Sunday, September 18, 2011

No Earthquake Today, Frida and the Borg

No earthquake today for us.  It is not to  unusual that we have any here in Texas but last week we had a 4.4 one last Sunday.  In fact we had three total but  two were baby ones about 77 miles from our home.  It just shook Eldon's chair and rattled the globes of the chandelier we have in the bedroom.  I actually thought Eldon was playing a trick on me.    We found out though that our area with Oklahoma and New Mexico have had more than a dozen earthquakes in the past two years.  In 1931 we did have a 5.8 shaker and no I wasn't around then.  Just a little excitement around here, Mother Nature just clearing her throat.   She is giving us a beautiful fall so far and as you know it is my favorite time of year. 

I have a sweet friend that surprised me with a pendant.  In the mail was a little package, you know good things come in little packages.  It was a pendant of Frida Kahlo.  I wore it a few times but I try to surround myself in the bathroom while getting ready with things that I enjoy looking at.  So I had this sweet little frame and Frida is now hanging in a place of honor along with my photo of Eldon and I with space guns on a Borg spaceship and us with the race cars.  Good memories to view for me.  On the back, which you can't see is the saying of Art Heals .  Love that saying.  If you don't know Frida, she is a 20th centruy Mexican artist who was a great artist and a had a strong will.  Please google her if you want.  There was a movie about her also that was interesting. 

Here she is proudly hanging on my wall.  The frame I did have to overhaul but it cooperated quite nicely and I thought the butterfly on it went well with Frida. 

 Eldon and I with the Borg.  Just in case you don't know about them, they are nasty things on Star Trek.  Their ships are large cube looking contraptions.  I have a small one if you ever care to see it.  Once a friend who owned a Hallmark store called and said "Annette, the ornament this year is a cube thing and my mother collects the Star Trek ornaments.  Would she want one of these" ?  I promptly said you bet and save me one while you are at it.  I cannot get enough of the sci fi world.  I know it doesn't go with some of the frilly things I create but there are different sides of all of us-possibly.

There you go a quick peek at what is going on in my world today.  Thanks for stopping by and see you next time.    xoxo


  1. Love this photo looks like u were indeed having fun u trekkies u lol

    Love what u have done with the pendant looks great ....

    hugz bev

  2. Goodness...earthquakes, too? I loved reading your blog always!

  3. Annette, hopefully these earthquakes stay baby ones...they really scare me.
    I think you are perfectly right in surrounding yourself with things/photos you gives good feelings.
    Always love your posts. xox

  4. Glad to hear you are OK and thank you for sharing your artwork. x


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