Wednesday, July 20, 2011


You know sometimes when something just catches your eye and sparkles and looks like so much life is in it ?   Like a little drop of dew in the morning on a leaf of a plant or the sparkling of the stars at night when the sky is clear and they just look like diamonds?  Or even some one's personality across the room or when you are shopping somewhere. 

I was on a quest the other day, one of those things you need to do and just set out in the morning and say OK I am doing this today even if it hair lips the Governor?   There are several fabric stores here in town and I needed some of the brass looking buttons for a blazer that  I was changing buttons  on for Grandson.  I went into one that was higher end that I use to shop at all the time.  Well, it is now a quiting shop, nothing against quilting and quilts I own several of the beautiful things.  I asked about the buttons and the lady took me into the back room  and she said we don't reorder buttons any more, people just don't sew like they use to.  We looked in several boxes and found nothing that I could use.  BUT --- TaDa, there in one box were four beautiful buttons, sitting there in their boring little white box for who know how long.  Thinking, if buttons think that is, is no one ever going to find me and take me home ?  Well, being the soft hearted soul that I am I picked one of them up, they were pricey but thought why not ?  I closed the box and then thought better of it and just took all four of them.  I didn't want one to say ha ha she took me and cause problems in button world.   What am I going to do with them you ask?  I don't have a clue but I bet when I do create something it will have some beautiful bling on it.   I have been surfing the Internet, trying to get inspired and in the back of my mind I do have a couple of ideas. 

I did go to another store and found the buttons I needed and what happened when I was walking down the isle?  Yep you guessed it another little package just called me  -ANNETTE-  peek over here.  So they now join my beautiful buttons.  With the Art Journaling that I am dong now, I know I have a perfect place for them. 

Here they are the whole little collection I purchased, the bling ones, the two art deco looking ones and the sweet little package of vintage looking ones.

The bling ones just need a photo  up close, so you can see all the sparkles in it.  they were made in China and I don't know if they still make bling for us now but here it is shining and still talking to me.   Be sure and click on the pictures so will be larger, don't want you to miss any sparkle at all.  Our beautiful grandaughter use to call them lights when I put them on her clothes or bought any new outfit for her, need lights.   

That is it for today and thanks so much for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.  xoxo

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  1. oh these are devine can see how they called to u just gorgeous .....

    hugz bev


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