Sunday, July 24, 2011

Paths that Cross

Sometimes something can be so simple but beautiful.  It doesn't have to have bling, which I dearly love, or any frills.  Even like a wonderful friendship that you have had with someone close or far away, dear ones that you have met face to face or one of my  beautiful new friends that we have met on the art halls of the Internet.  It is funny how art does bring us together, be it in an art gallery or just sharing classes or sharing the same fun and struggles of creating art or life to be exact.     I do believe we all cross paths in life for a reason and so glad you have crossed my path.

I painted these sweet little flowers many ways and then used a simple and fun approach to them.  I painted them in Corel Painter program and used a fun brush called leaky pen for the splashes of blue color.   No frills with this little painting.  They are just sweet and simple but certainly tell a little story. 

There you go, July is almost over and the toasty days of August will be upon us.  I just thought these sweet little flowers would be cooling for the heat that is upon us.  Now I know my Australia friends are in winter right now, so keep this post and just look at it in the summer. I will post something snuggling  warm for you soon. 

Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.  xo  Annette 


  1. Beautiful Flowers!
    Have a great week!!


  2. Thanks FRanz back at ya. Thanks for stopping by also.

  3. Sweet little flowers, Annette. I thought winter would never be over for us Minnesotans. Now, holy moley, I can't wait til it snows!


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