Friday, July 15, 2011

Horses of Many Colors

It is funny how names are used on items.   Like in the Wizard of Oz the Horses of Many Colors were some pretty ponies and they changed colors as you watched this wonderful movie.   A coat, as in Joseph's coat of many colors in the Bible. 

 I know little about horses, and don't mind telling you either,  except they are wonderful  and majestic group of animals.   Now I might have told you before that my Daddy use to raise Appaloosa horses.  Indian horses I called them and I checked and sure enough they were Indian horses.  The Appaloosa horse, spotted horses were on the earth before prehistoric times I found out.  Pictures of them can be found in many caves across Europe.  They could be found in China as early as 206 B.C.  That is as close to knowing about horses as I get, well besides baby sitting our grand horse for a few months.  That was a delight for me.  The smell and just watching him was a joy for me, looking out our windows with his tail swishing and just ambling across our back 2 as I called it.   

OK, below is my painting of horses of different colors.  I think my imagination did run a little wild  there, but I did draw the horses , free hand and then just played with color.  

There you go my rendition of a horse of a different color.   Be sure and click on the painting to see it bigger.  

Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world.  I have been absent to my blog but you know  sometimes life just doesn't let us play when we want to.  


  1. I so enjoy enjoy your blogs and seeing your majestic art. Sometimes it takes my breath away. I feel honored knowing such a talented and wonderful lady. looking forward to the next one. Leslie Parker

  2. Beautiful horses,in a colorful paradise!!

  3. thanks dear Leslie, you are such a great person and we have known each other for years I do believe.

  4. Willy you are just to funny, thanks for stopping by my friend.

  5. Annette;
    Your post was beautiful and I absolutely love the song you are playing, I have that on my ipod for the studio. Your work is beautiful and inspiring! thank you for giving me your words of wisdom yesterday on Etsy, it was appreciated my friend! Blessings to you this week!


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