Thursday, February 3, 2011

A few more Zentangles

Happy February, we have to write and read fast.  This month, even though it is  just two days short seems to just fly by.  It is a good time to trim roses , usually valentines day it the target day and then you get beautiful roses in about 6 weeks or so.  If you miss it by a day or so I don't think they will know the difference.  I have not noticed them wearing a watch or checking the calendar. 

OK, I know these calming pieces of art work are fun and so habit forming but I just had to post a couple more of them.  I am doing several a night.   Every time I get by the TV watching chair, that pad and pen just jump in my hand.  Now grant you other activities happen in the chair besides watching TV.  The list starts with petting our fur babies, eating a snack, petting the fur babies, reading my art magazines,  doing Zentangles and petting the fur babies.  Now these babies are not inside dogs but we let them in to get love while Eldon fixes their food and of course getting a snack for them.

The last few nights have been so cold, I mean massive cold---like zero, 5, and 6 ish.  that is to cold even for them to go to their tropical hideaway.  Which we don't tell them is the back garage for the plants and have a couple of heaters in there for the plants.  We just disguise  it as a tropical hideaway.   

Back on track here, so I am showing you a few more Zentangles.  If you haven't tried it you really need to, I know you are saying I can't do it.  Yes you can and after the first one is done you think hey that was OK and I need to do more.  

The leaf, well it started out as a leaf.  If you really look you can tell it is there. 

This one may be one of my faves, if just started growing and finished up all on it's own.   They do that, just take their own little personalities.

The little dragon flies, I love them in the late summer.  When I am mowing the back, Eldon does the front, they just follow me around.  Not sure why, maybe the hat I wear with the hot pink and lime green hatband.  Maybe they like those colors also.    This one I started with the little dragon flies and built around them.   The little curly ques are just so easy and cute.

OK, I promised not to get to carried away.   I hope you try some of these.  Remember just paper and a micron or fine tip pen and you have all the supplies you need.  These in real life are 4 inches or so, no bigger.   I have tried a few bigger ones last night.    My friend Suzanne is doing full page ones, she is the brave one. 

Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world.  


  1. gorgeous love them they were flying around the pool when i was at Michelle's darling little things...gee u take to every thing u do so well my talented friend...

    hugz bev


  2. Annette,

    Your line art is lovely - the detail and movement is so appealing.

    If you like, drop me an email regarding the Peter Rabbit book (link on my blog).


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