Saturday, February 26, 2011

Paintings and Effects

I just finished a sweet little painting I am calling~~~~ get this ~~~~ Trees.  Pretty original title isn't it ?  One thing I absolutely hated when I painted traditionally years ago and when also entering my photography in shows is the titles.  So now I just name them what they are.  Kind of like you get what you see or some wonderful saying like that.  

Karen Bonaker provided this photograph so I painted it first and then used a filter, which I am not a fan of at all.  The use of filters that is, I guess I just don't feel comfortable with filters.   I do have to admit she and I like this effect.  Now the question is it cheating ?   I really don't think so, I did paint the original painting and then just ran the filter over it .  I don't want anyone to think that digital painting is just running a filter over a photograph and then you have a painting.  Not so, it is a stroke by stroke  process just like painting with oils or pastels or any other media at your fingertips.   Am I going to make a habit of it ?  I don't think so I just wanted to play a bit.    Karen teaches Open Studio at Digital Art Academy.  Open studio is about four times a year and like the saying--teach someone to fish and they can feed themselves forever.  Now I am horrible at getting the sayings right but you get the message I hope.    Karen teaches the program and some great art theory.  

The original photograph Karen took.

The painting,   certainly Ben Konis influence here.  He is the artist I took so many lessons off of, close to thirty years ago.  His words are coming back to me, slowly.   Karen, when teaching sparks little things in my head, which in turn my little voice in my head says --Hey this is what Ben said to you.   Guess I am never to old to learn or relearn is more like it.   I wanted to put some water reflections in the trunks and just a little texture going on in the bark.  I haven't ever been an abstract painter more of a realistic painter. To the point of painting with oil on the smooth side of Masonite with a sable brush.  Like photographic with the oils and Masonite. 

The same painting but with the filter over it, certainly looks different, kind of watercolor looking.     I used Marilyn Sholin's messier brush on the painting and with my wonderful pastels.   I think they are my safety net being as I painted with them for so many years.

Well I will be back with some more zentangles, paper paintings or something that is sparking my interest at the moment. 

Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world.

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  1. Any way the two paintings are both lovely.


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