Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Paper Painting or Collage or just a spot of Tea

Painting in any media is a challenge sometimes.  You have this wonderful idea , sketch it on you surface and think oh man this is going to be so fun.    It started out that way and then just kind of grew into a two or three headed monster.   First I was going to make it just a pure painted paper, then go on from there.   

I blocked the painting in, that was a good thing.   Martha Stewart sorry that I used that phrase for a painting but it was for the moment.   I was getting a little sure of myself and thought hey hey this is going to work. 

Got the painted started and was having a good time and then one morning came in and looked at it and thought OMG,  texting slang there and sometimes it just works OMG.  That background or something is not working.  Now it has been years since I have done traditional art and remembered to turn it upside down.  Well at this point upside down, sideways or just the backside of it wasn't going to help.  A friend, Marilyn suggested to hold it up to the mirror.  I had forgotten that, thanks Marilyn.  

I was tearing paper, remembering that in scrapbooking if you tear a certain way you don't get the white edges.   Then I thought OK, how about some lace and a dryer sheet ?  That would work.  So that came next.  I knew the dryer sheets were good for something else. I don't really use them but had read somewhere that you could use them.   so now I proudly have a box of them in the utility room ready to do their job of softening something and then to the art room.   I did use one to make my fairy Gossamer Moon Dancer.  So why not a teapot ?   

I then found a broken  Christmas star thingy and cut it up.  It was like a capiz shell or whatever you call it  and thought that would work also.   I just glued and cut to my little hearts content. 

Here is the sketch, it is on a recycled canvas.  I did have a cupcake on there and thought no don't want that, might make me hungry while painting it. 

The blocked in painting, still a cupcake but not for long.   When you block them in sometimes you can see your problems.  I guess I just was not  looking good enough or my eyes were looking at the cupcake wondering what wonderful flavor it was. 

A close up of the shell that I added to the painting.   Now remember these things don't look to spiffy up close.  

A close up of the lace and dryer sheet.  Don't you know it thinks it is the cat's meow for not ending up in the trash and on a painting.  Well, if dryer sheets think that is.  I don't think they do. 

Here you go the finished painting.  I changed part of the background and left some pink showing thru and thought that was the culprit.  It just had to much reddish going on in it.  Needed some more of the foreground color somewhere else in the painting. 

OK, that is it for now.  I have another one in the works and it should be fun.  I know this was suppose to be also, but this next one should be.  Well, if I don't get to detailed with it.    I do have to remember when I painted traditionally that I use to work on the smooth side of masonite to get  a super real looking still life with my oil paint and a wonderful sable brush.   Oh that felt good to paint with a sable brush and was so nice and smooth.  I painted forever on a subject.  We are talking layers and layers.  I keep reminding myself if I painted this digitally I could just delete the layer and go on my merry way.

Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in Annette's world.  You just never know.

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  1. got your email wow it looks good now all finished and love the hankie its so sweet, my mum always carried one , no tissues for her guess most mums did it shoes next ....

    hugz bev


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