Wednesday, January 26, 2011

GOD, Mandala and Paula Deen

There is a bible verse..... "Be still and know that I am God"  Psalms 46:10.   Now I am thinking that this is prayer or can be meditating.  Right ?  To keep our minds focused and clear of clutter.

A Mandala is a circular design .   It is a pattern to which to meditate.     They express completeness and invite us to experience ourselves as a whole being, an individual.   I took this partial sentence from a book of Susanne F. Fincher.    She has some coloring books, if you will, of different Mandalas and you may color them any way you chose and it very relaxing.  I have not colored any but have studied the book.  Susanne's Madalas are beautiful and help with Balance, Harmony and Spiritual Well-Being.  

  Eldon has another book with natural Mandalas in it.   A beautiful one with nature all intertwinded as nature is.  The title is Natural Mandalas all of nature to help find Peace and Awareness in the beauty of nature.  This book is by Lisa Tenzin-Dolma.   

Now I wanted to share this little bit of info with you to help explain just what in the world is Annette doing ? 

I first started out with one Mandala drawn and then went a whole and totally different direction with the creation of it.  I used my new art friend ' painted papers '   and just played,  This is what developed.   The words I used in it all talk about Mandalas.  It first started out simple with hearts, like with the compasses you played with in school and one of the assignments was to make a design and color it with the awful map colors.  They were so pastel.     I did love doing those also and usually would do several for different ones in the classes because they didn't want to do them.  I wonder if the teacher ever noticed they were all kind of alike but with different students names on them  ?   Probably but I never got into trouble doing that.   This one definately is not pastel, it did change colors many times until I felt good about it.  

 I just wanted to share this one with you and intend on making more, probably with the 'painted papers' and some with pastel and acrylics.  Just playing with them feels good. 

Close up of the center of the Mandala.  

The whole painting of the Mandala.   I loved the colors and just wanted you to wander around in it for a while. Oh, the little T's at each corner do not stand for Texas Tech.   Just a little FYI.   

That is if for now, just wanted to share another paper painting with you.

Oh and what does Paula Deen have to do with this ?  She has a quote or saying that I love and I think we all should go with it-------" A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand "   --Paula Deen.

Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.   Looks like I have made January a happy month and now it can stand proudly with the other months getting several blogs in under it's belt.


  1. hey girl glad to see it finished its wonderful and would be so inspiring hung in your art area , love the Paula Deen quote too shes my kinda gal lol


  2. Annette, your Mandala is beautiful, great job. You are on a roll...keep going! Love you, Colleen


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