Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Sketch Pad Needed

Here are a few more Zentangles.  My goodness this is habit forming and now I need to go buy another sketch pad and pen.  I ran out of paper in my pad and ink in my pen.  This is so relaxing especially when watching TV.   I found the Zentangles blog and they had lots of pretties on there.  

Hope you enjoy this, I am ready to go to another step with these now.

It amazes me how different they all are and all have such a calming feel about them.

One more Zentangle

I  tried a rectangle one here with the new little prompt from Zentangles blog.

I know this is a short blog and not to long winded from me.   It is really Annette doing this one, believe it or not.   I'll post the blog for Zentangles on my side bar.

Now off to do a new journal page for Roses on My Table.   Whew, I am going to wear my little fingers to the bone.  Well, not really, just enjoying myself.

Thanks for stopping by Annette's World.

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  1. Fabulous, well whos a busy girl then lol and i agree when u are watching the telly is a perfect time for this ...

    hugz bev


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