Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Doodles or Zentangles

Sometimes you doodle on a piece of paper and some call it doodling and sometimes you can call it art.  A friend of mine a couple of years introduced me to Zentangles.  It is not a new idea and has been around for a while.   I just wanted to share with you the fun thing to do even while watching TV.   I got a wild hair the other day to do the alphabet.   Why ?  Don't know,  just seemed like the thing to do.  Maybe I can use it in some of my paper painting collages I am doing right now.   It could happen. 

The supplies ?   A pen (fine tip type is preferred ) and a piece of paper.  That is it.   There are several sites to go to  just type in Zentangles and see what all comes up.    There is a lady on youtube, her name is Milliande.  Wow she is good and makes it look so easy, I need to remind myself to watch her videos more often.    Her site is  http://www.zentangle.com/gallery.php or just type in youtube milliande.   Such inspiration to see and spark your pen to just mess and play.  There is no right or wrong with it---so just play my friends. 

Here are a few of the letters I did, nothing fancy and the first round one I did forever ago.   Hope you try it and just escape into your playing.

Here you go the letter A, now I feel like Big Bird telling the alphabet to you, but you get the picture and I am not even yellow

Guess who is next ? Yep the letter B.   Some of the little do hickies look like someone with hair.

Now after doing 27 of these little things I was running out of ideas and should have watched milliande's videos, but I was not near a computer.  Just pen and paper.  I know how can I function without a computer with me at all times.   Guess what, we don't even keep a phone-gasp-with us at all time.  

Now this piece of work was my basically first one and you can tell I did get inspired by milliande, some are her designs.   I didn't have a black pen can ya tell ?   

Well, that is what is going on in my world for today.   I do have another paper painting to post but will save for another day.  

Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world. 


  1. These are just fun and beautiful! The "B" is my favorite of the letters (Bounds?), and the blue one looks a lot like some Asian paintings on porcelain I've seen. Well done as always, my busy little friend. Thanks for the link.

  2. These are just the coolest Annette! I've done doodling but never this cool looking & it looks so relaxing. You are a woman of many hats you little busy beaver you! I'll check the lady out you mentioned now. Luvz, Colleen

  3. very cool good pass time doing the alphabet too..




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