Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Scrapbooking for Breast Cancer Awareness

Scrapbooking also can, besides getting together and just visiting and being creative, also raise funs for charities.    Our daughter had a Breast Cancer Awareness crop.  She gathered gifts  to auction off and I might say one of my paintings went for a very nice price.  It was fun to donate because we knew it was going for a wonderful cause.   A lot of us won special gifts that were given hourly and we all got a wonderful goodie bag.  Now we have gone to conventions of big companies and not gotten have as good  of a bag as these were.   Of course there was food, isn't that part of scrapbooking?   Now if you look closely at the group picture I am in it.   I took the picture but then inserted myself in there.   I am not the tallest person in the world,  vertically challenged is a term I have heard used.   Ok, I put myself in there and later, like a few days ago I noticed I have no legs in there,  just a floating head.   Oh well, guess no one noticed but myself.     

Vickie has these at their diner, not open to the public just a 50's style diner.  A fun place to have these crops and parties if you are a member of the family or attend one of their Antique Car Club Meetings.   You will see int he background a large, and I mean large canvas of a movie banner.   So their cars look like they are at the drive in.  Biggest thing I ever painted, but it was a challenge.   Especially because I didn't really have a place big enough to hang it to paint.  One half of it hung and the other half on the floor, when that half finished being painted we just ooched ( is that a word?  Maybe a Texas word) it up and I finished it.   

Here we are at the diner and a great group this was.  Oh, Sam's Bird Nest is what it is called.  Why?  They have several T-Birds but other makes of cars have wiggled 
 their way in. 

We had to show the yummy cupcakes Vickie made and the cookies someone has made especially for the event. 

I uses a printed vellum over the solid paper just to give some softness to the background paper.    You always have to remember to journal, be it lots and lots of words or just a few.  You want someone to see your pages and  know what you are doing and playing without having to explain what it is.   I try to make at least two page spreads so the album flows a little better.  I have made two page spreads out of one picture.  It was a challenge, but fun to do.   There is just so much pretties to play with in scrapbooking but I try not to make them the stars.  After all it is the photographs that are the main story teller.

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  1. My wife is a 10 year breast cancer survivor! I am very fortunate to still have her with me.

    Now we are going to be grandparents for the first time! So good to be alive!



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