Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Memory making of Scrapbooks

Several years ago I started scrapbooking.  When I first heard of it, I thought oh my I don't want to do this, piles of "stuff" in a book.  I was remembering when I use to make our daughters scrapbooks and how cards and mementos were put in a book.  Well, did I ever get an eye opener.   I was first introduced to Creative Memories.  A group of ladies and a consultant met,  visited , had a good time and cut and paste.  Not the computer kind but skills you learned as a first grader.   Of course food was also a big part of the togetherness of the ladies.   When I first started I used a black pen, archival of course, and made one sheet of archival safe paper for maybe several pages.  I used them just as accents.   Now, oh has my style changed.  I use, sometimes, several sheets and styles of paper for one finished page.  You are listening to a lady who had put together 27 albums.  Some are giant size and hard to lift.  I know I should divide the pages and make smaller ones, maybe one day.   

Today there are conventions and conventions for scrapbookers.   One of our daughters even go to Arizona to the Great Escape, choosing the artists by lotto.   Yes, lotto.  She has been chosen for two years.  Of course they do one day as a spa day and shopping is a big part of scrapbooking also.   I use to say whoever has the most when they die wins.  Well, scrapbookers may win this race.   There are also retreats you can go to for several days, like the ScrapinPad in Oklahoma.
Here we are at one of the conventions and check out the crowd, part of it.  So many walks of life and ages all enjoying the same thing.   Something to say about this.  

We are at Arlington, Texas here and as you can see my wonderful purse is not scrapbooking material but a purchase at the scrapbooking convention.   

The paper I won, maybe $3 worth but hey I was a winner and so excited!

I believe one of the unwritten rules is don't keep up with what you spend because it will blow you away.  Just buy it and use it and have fun.  

One daughter says it is fun to be around creative, funny and talented ladies.  Scrapbooking lets you leave all your other worries behind and usually it reminds you of all the good memories you are scrapbooking.   One sweet friend of mine is scrapbooking her son that is a survivor of cancer.   He and she are such warriors and they both conquered this nasty disease.   I have made a heritage album of my Eldon's family.   I hope one of our daughters or grandchildren will enjoy it in years to come.   My family?   That is a great challenge to find who any of the ancestors are.  

There are so many people doing this and I don't say just ladies.  There are lots of men out there also and they have such a different way of scrapbooking.  One is Tim Holtz, oh such a talented young man and shares all his talents.   Magazines galore  such as Creating Keepsakes,  Memory Makers and Simple Scrapbooks.   Probablly one of the best heart warming things I remember is I had several years, yes years, of this mag and one of my photography clients had just started scrapbooking.  I gave her all the magazines and you would have thought I had given her a million dollars.   

I do have to recommend  you get a good album that you like working with.  I personally use Pioneer Photo Albums.  I have met them personally and a super nice group of people.  Guess maybe that was an ad but just had to say it.   

 Lots of new things going on including digital scrapbooking.  There is a lot to be said about that.  I know probably quicker but there is something to be said about our first grade skills and touching all the paper and "little things" that go with it.    Besides I am on a computer all the time and it is a break to be a first grader sometimes.  

Your style of scrapbooking will change as it should.  I don't scrapbook like this much anymore and my first ones are not very pretty at all.   Oh my, I do need to go back one day and change them.   One day.  

Well there is so much to say about this subject and I won't wear your eyes out but will be back with another post.   

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  1. Very nice, Annette. I agree about the feeling of the paper and not digital for me. There is a song I love "Jukebox in my mind" and that is where I keep most of my memories though. Long ago we passed on to the girls the scrapbooks made when they were growing up. One Christmas we just boxed them and told them to have at it in deciding who got which one. They loved it.
    Ann Roberts

  2. I agree too, but I'm finding now I like to replicate collages (scrapbooks are really collages :) ) in Painter. It's a challenge. But they print out so well! :)

    Lovely post, Annette.


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