Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Painting, painting and more painting

You know there is such a great revolution going on right now about painting. ( it is a quiet one but trust me it is here)  Our world is ever changing which is a good thing.   As many of you know I have been a traditional artist for many years, then professional photographer for 24 years and now going back to painting.  It has changed so much.  I think to stay ahead of the game for your own sake you need to still take lessons of some sort, keep studying art and JUST DO IT!!!!

During all these years I have kept up or tried to with the newest of the new.   In photography and art.  Both are tied together,  some photographers don't have the art background and it does show.  Trust me.    One giant thing is Digital Art.   Now I know some think ok she just clicks a button and it is there.   Not so.   I still paint stroke by stroke, study color and draw and practice.   I think if you don't know all that you can still do it but my goodness why beat yourself up like that?   Study all along and take lessons.   I am enhancing my paintings with traditional paints and no, it is not paint by numbers.  I promise.   

I am starting to add some wonderful links about this subject and some teachers that will knock your socks off.  There are out there lots of magazines and books you can also study.  The little painting at the first of my blog of Allex in the flowers is one.   A photograph I took and then painted.   You can get as artsy fartsy as you want or stay traditional it is up to you.

One of the FREE magazines you can get is and I have added this to my blog list.   If you are interested at all go check this out.    

Just had to start this subject, you will be seeing more of paintings and more on the subject.  The program is Painter 11 and a wonderful Wacom tablet.   These are my tools, besides my brain and want to, for this revolution.   
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