Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Cookbook and S&H Green Stamps

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I know many of you are way young to remember  S&H Green Stamps.  Oh what  a wonderful bonus when buying gas, groceries and many other things.   These sweet little stamps, they were green, were given to you every time you made a purchase.  On Wednesdays they were double.  You waited until then and bought your groceries and got twice the amount you would usually get.  Back then,  dear Eldon had a Borden's Milk distributorship and had to make many trips to fill the coolers with milk and other dairy goodies he sold.   There wasn't really any room in the back rooms of the stores so just had to keep going back to fill them.  The other route men-Frito Lay, bread men and others all had to do the same.   Wednesday was just the big day for all in the grocery business.

Now the wonder of the stamps is there were redemption centers around and you could trade them in for baby cribs, pots and pans ( I did that) cookbooks ( I have a 1961 Better Homes and Garden  new Cookbook ) children's rocking chairs , lamps most anything you could think of.  You would come out of the redemption center so proud of your FREE goodie.   I remember even getting a guitar case for our daughter Debra.  

There were also Gold Bond stamps, golden in color of course.   But the S&H stamps were the prize.   I can't remember now how many books it took for a prize or how many stamps it took to fill one.  I do remember the rocking chair was 1 book.   Our daughters thought it was a prize and I have it still to this day.   It has been many colors and I used in in my photography business for 24 years.

Now this wonderful cookbook, remember I was a baby when we married.  I studied it like it was the national book of treasures.  I knew every word it said.   As you can tell it was well used.   Funny story, one day I thought I can make cinnamon rolls.  Right?  Well I was making them and Eldon came in from work and said why don't we spread them apart more and they will get bigger?  Ok, we did that.  They got so flat as a flitter.  Pure flat!!!!   Guess that wasn't the thing to do, but it was fun and we didn't know any better.     My gravy, oh my.  Before I got the cookbook-------I had grease in the pan and thought alright I can do this !!!!!!    Have you ever seen 1-2 cups of flour in a little grease and just made thick thick paste?  Well I did, the trash got lots of little goodies that first year.  Well, truth be known other years to follow.   I tried many many recipes from this book and still do.  

Well, thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world.  You never know, don't know what prompted me to write on this subject but here it is.  



  1. Annette I remember green stamps. They really were a treasure. I remember this cookbook. I remember going to Hobbs with Mother and looking at all the goodies we could get! She already had been saving for something in particular, but sometimes there were extra and we could get some other new treasure for our home. I miss greenstamps. and Mother. And you and Eldon!
    Good story. Thanks for writing it. Love you girl!

  2. Thanks sweet Stacey, I hope I do bring back good memories. There are so many in our lives--we just need to remember the good ones and poof send the bad ones away. That has helped me so much in life. Love you to.

  3. This was a wonderful way to start my week Annette Maxine. I love your stories and your music on here! I too have a Better Homes and Gardens cookbook that my grandmother gave me, and still use it! When Kent and I first got married, he also had to have gravy, he made me get his mom's recipe for gravy, I still have that too! I remember green stamps! The good ol days! You are always sending such warm fuzzies! Love ya, Ginger


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