Sunday, June 7, 2015

June tour of the Faerie Garden

Ok June you area finally here.  Getting warm and grass is green and flowers blooming.   I didn't think you would ever come and spread your warmth.   

We were very fortunate to get some great wet stuff, RAIN.  Not the West Texas rain, sand in the air, but the real wet stuff.  Lots of Texas did get flooded and I am so sorry and feel for all the fellow Texans that got a tad bit to much rain.  Well more than a tad  bit of to much rain.  I hope by now things are getting back to normal for all.   I told hubby that this year I think we will get rain and not as hot as usual so we will see.   I hit the nail on the head about the winter this past year.   I fear this winter may be a repeat but I hope I am wrong.

Now when we moved into this house nearly 7 years ago, can't believe it has been that long and still haven't done to it what I want to, we had a raised type flower bed that just won't really really grow anything.   There were some shrubs in there and of course they promptly died, guess the old owners just planted to sell.  I know they do that.   I dilly dallied around and tried different things in it.  I even planted my wonderful Holly Ferns so pretty and hardy for the weather and just keeps pretty and green.  Well I had this idea just to make a Faerie Garden out of it.   Two of the Holly Ferns lived and I moved them to the back of the  "garden" and did plant some pretty ground cover.   It died deader than a doornail.   So I used pea gravel as my friend Pat Winter called it Faerie Pebbles and covered the bare dirt and did plant a few little begonias.  If they live they live and if they die they die.   I did want to share the garden with you though.   I could write lots of words with the pics but just a few will work with them.

Lets start at the fun beach hang out.  As you can see the Faeries have found it to just hang around.
Close by the beach hang out is a little trio of beach bungalows, high priced of course.  They are close to the beach.  Well a pretend beach. 

The first little cottage on the south side of the Faerie world.  
We have next to us a cute little cottage that perhaps the little mushroom growers live. 
Still on the South side of the world is a Faerie just hanging out on the swing. 

Now on the West end we have two giant mushrooms that I made into houses.  I found the doors at JoAnn's and of course painted them.   Loved the little gazing ball.

Beside the other mushroom is the red top one.  If you notice on top there is a little owl.  This little guy is tough, he stays on top during the storms, the driving rain and the wind.  He is not glued on at all, I guess he knows he is the look out for the Faeries. 

Now coming around on the North side  we have little acorn girl resting and watching the critters here.

Humm, acorn girl is beside the lily pad hang out for you know who.  She will walk across her little path to get a closer look at these guys.   This will lead you back to the beach houses.   I hope you enjoyed the tour. I hope the flowers will grow some and if they do I will take a pic of the whole village being as you know the layout now. 
I have not been idle in the painting and sewing world either.   Here is a block I did of one of my hand drawn Faeries and of course I had to do a little tree and found the little Faerie door on line with Thearica  Burroughs online site on Face Book.  Are they not the cutest little things?

A close up of the tree and oh I got the little turtle from Thearica also. 
I have been painting and have a couple of other blocks to show you but don't want you to get tired eyes looking at all the pretties here.  So I will promise to have another post soon.
Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tatonka and the Faerie

You know every once in a while you get sweet surprises in your life.  They might be in different forms or even subject matter but a surprise they are.   Even something as a little flower you forget about in your garden and it blooms and you think where did you come from?   I usually say it out loud the only one to hear me is the flower and the faeries.   The flower is so perfectly formed and the colors so perfect. 
I was working on a painting and you know when you feel like something is gelling?  Going together and it is just suppose to be what is developing?  Well this big guy and they are so big in real life went together like he was in command.   When I draw and paint my faeries that is how they guide me also but this big guy he led the way the whole time.  
I use to paint pretty realistic subject matter  in my younger days.   The time in my life when I thought I had to enter art shows and all the fluff, sorry it is true, that goes with it. I was in galleries and the whole nine yards.   I had fun at that stage of my life but there was always a void in what I was feeling about my art.   So now over 33 years have past since I did my last painting of any size.   Now my sweet little faeries they are certainly in a separate category to me.  A whimsical, fun and colorful little creature that when watching TV just calls me to paint them.  They are indeed a different category.   This big guy named the painting "Tatonka" which is Indian for Buffalo.   Well at least in the movie "Dancing with Wolves" it is.    I could imagine the Buffalo running the ranges and how it would thunder with all the noise of the hooves hitting the ground. 
I so enjoyed painting him and he went to a good home.   Well I have had two homes wanting him to come live with them.  So two 30 x 40 prints are going to two different states.  After all of these years I feel like maybe I am doing the type of painting, besides my sweet faeries, maybe I just wanted to create.   I took an online class with Tracy Verdugo in Australia and she sent me off on a fun journey.  Painting what is inside my heart, the little faeries do that to me a lot.
A young lady I know said Annette you need Etsy, so I am going to venture off and put him on Etsy just to see what he does.  He will be with my faeries and they are mischievous enough to tease and taunt him.  We will see where this adventure leads us. 
The second surprise is this priceless little twig house that Brayleigh, a dear friend's granddaughter made for me out of twigs from the yard.  She is 12 years old and such a talented young lady.  She has also been a model for some of my faeries.  I received  this package in the mail and she knew I had a Faerie village but this is so special I could not put it outside in the elements of rain, yes rain we are having, winds and general sand storms.  The faerie was also in the package so I pranced myself down and bought some little plants, put them in a bowl with the faerie and the house and they are in our semi finished sun room.   That really touched my heart that a 12 years old, so busy took the time to gather the twigs and make this house for me.    Thank you Brayleigh.

You just never know what will come to you via thoughts and ideas or in the mail.    It is always a surprise what the start of the day will bring you and I think we just need to be open and see what unfolds. 
Well that is all that is going on in my bunny trail world today and thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

I looked into the Mirror today and what did I see? Me !

Hello and good April to you all.   I certainly hope the blog police don't come and get me.  I woke up this morning, that is a good thing to do and see yourself in the mirror and say you made another day,  and thought yikes I have not blogged for a few days.    So my peeps here it is.  
Now I have been doing things and promise not just sitting here at the computer snoozing all this time.  Spring is upon us and yea for that.   We have been doing some yard work and the poor outside pots that get to stay outside with plants that can take the cold weather----we guess what they were wimps and didn't take the freezes and snow very well at all.  Nope they were deader than a doornail.  Brown hard sticks with not a tiny tinges of green in them at all.  I did put out a humming bird feeder and to keep those tiny little things around until our red plants get to a nursery.   We know they like red tubular blooms.   Hang around little guys we are trying to help you.  
 I would take pics but if you like to see blurry pics to make you think your eyes are going koo koo I will but will wait til the wind calms down and show you how pretty our walkway looks.   The wind blows the little plants and they sway and dance around like little flower people.   Now those bee loving plants, don't know their name, made it thru the winter and blooming their heads off.  We did plant like 12 geraniums   in hot pink color to pop in color with the purple bee loving plants.  We read on the internet, always the internet for problem solvers, that geraniums  would help with the bees, we don't want to kill them maybe sway them to go somewhere else.   Being as yours truly is getting more and more allergic to insect bites.   Photos soon and of the faerie garden also, it got rearranged and naked ground but they survived the weather well.   Well the little beach house fell apart, pieces of it, and had to be glued back but on the whole the faeries did good !!!
You know we know that our bodies change every 7 years or so.  Don't think they are talking about diets and things like that though.   I use to not be allergic to things but oh my I am getting more and more so and hubby is still allergic to onions to the point of closing his throat up like crazy.  So I cook with no onions and we read labels like speed readers and tell waiters and waitresses to the point that if they want to give him mouth to mouth cut the onions.    LOL now that is to an extreme but I had to come up with something so they will really really listen.  I mean really listen.   Ok I have really wandered off the bunny trail on this one. 
I am still doing life book and this is one of Tammy's wonderful assignments.  This piece of watercolor paper will be cut in half, I think we were suppose to do it on two sheets but I figured one larger sheet cut in half works just as good and in a hundred years no one will know the difference.    This young lady is totally almost different  than what I do in expression but it is the one she wanted.   A fun assignment and was enough to get my hands dirty and my apron and glitter all over my face.  So I think a success and fun.   
I made this Finnabair inspired canvas for a friend .  I blocked out the faces could you tell?   I had a list of fun things to do, yep I have to make a list.  I am so glad to have learned this technique and did learn it I think last year at Life Book.   So much fun and just creative.   

I did do this Crazy Quilt block on a Round Robin I am in, where we embellish someone else's blocks and we send them around and just embellish one and this class has only 5 ladies so we got to embellish 1/4 of a block also.   So here is my block I did and some closeups.   Barbara  Scalise is the artist who made this block and it is a basket so I filled with flowers.  Close up is first then the whole block. 

This is my 1/4 of a block embellished    

These are the five blocks, 12inch by 12inch in size, that we did on a Day of the Dead Round Robin.  Each one of us worked on each one   They are just so fun and colorful and I think it will deserve a special place in my art room.  Just had to show it off.  

PLUS  I have been working on a portrait for a sweet friend of her hubby.  I think it is ready to apply color.  Funny doing a guy is so different to me than working on a lady.  Don't have a clue why but it is.  Hopefully next time or the next time I post you will get to see.  
There you go my bunny trail adventures and thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

See ya later Alligator , warning about my Faeries and some eye candy

April Showers bring Spring flowers is the old saying.  So I wonder, we got about 4 drops on our windshield, think that counts?  We shall see what that brings besides making the car look like a spotted steel stallion with a coat of West Texas dust and 4 drops of rain. 

See ya later Alligator  and after while Crocodile.  No that is a saying isn't it?  When I had my photography business I tried the best I could to have fun with it.  When children came to be photographed by Miz Annette we got treats at the end of the session of a Tootsie Pop sucker,  I did share those with the big people also and a balloon tied to the childrens wrists.   LOL not the adults.  But if I forgot to offer a sucker to the adults they would just stand there and smile.  That was my clue---give me a Tootsie Pop sucker please.    Now when the children left I would always say  " See ya later Alligator and after while Crocodile,  I loved it, they would repeat it in their sweet little "cartoon" voices.  I did love to hear them talk.   Then when they came back they would always say that to me.   One mother said she accidently told her child that she went to Miz Annette's and it was an episode of tears. 

I do have a funny balloon story.   I had just finished using the helium tank to fill up 6 pretty pink and big balloons.  The little girl helped me cut the curly ribbon to hold all of them.  She went outside  with her Mom and the balloons.   Well I forgot something and left the "secret garden" to go inside and retrieve whatever it was.  Then when I was stepping out side to the little rock walkway I head a scream from Mom and the Princess.  I thought oh no what could have happened?  Did the turtle that we had around the yard come out and scare them or what could it be?   Well, seems like the pretty pink balloons got away from those tiny fingers and were then floating in the air.   I went over to the little girl and said don't be upset we will go blow some more up.  It is ok and she sniffled and went with me.  I told her that she just sent some balloons to the angels and she just smiled and was a happy camper then.  After that we most always gave the balloons to the angels.  The Mom's like it because they didn't have to ride home with balloons floating around in their cars. 

Now I do have my printed faeries that go to home to other Crazy Quilters so they can use them with their art.   BUT please beware sometimes they make you little things.  They are  sometimes mischievous you know.  Like making you send Miz Annette goodies.   This is just one little package sent to me and the sweet lady said at least the faeries don't drink her wine. WHEW that is good.  It is like Christmas when I get these little packages and they all say the Faeries make them do it.   Good ole Faeries I trained them well.  Ooops did I say that?
See the fabric of Faeries also?   Little stinkers aren't they?
Here is my 1/4 of a block I did on a Round Robin.  We did a 12 inch block and all to work on it.  This lady, wish I had thought of it, made 4 blocks and just tacked them together.   Of course the theme is you guessed it Faeries.   Really fun to embellish this one.  


I have been busy as a little bee but with warmer weather coming quickly upon us will probably or probably not slow down. Well we do have baseball starting up and that is when I do my stitching in the summer. 
I did this sweet little owl with Juliette Crane in Life Book 2015.  You might remember the little horse I did with her 4 years ago.   You remember that,  right?  
Just incase here is the Horse to cute with those blue eyes. 

Onward dear readers.  Kind of sort nearly finished.  
Now in Kathy Shaw's CQJP 2015 I have my April block finished and here it is!!!!!   I am doing 12 blocks of Dia de Los Muertos.  What am I going to do with them you may or may not ask?  I don't have a clue but they are fun to work on with all the quirky little figures.    This is the whole block 8 inches give or take in size.  Depends on my straight stitching as you might notice.  
A close up of the dancing couple.

A close up on one section of the block and please take note the cute little button being featured that the Faeries sent me.   Thank you Faeries and thanks for not drinking the lady's wine. 

One more quick close up.   This subject is just fun  to do and can use all the colors I want.  I don't think it is lacking in color do you?  

Well dear readers that is it.  I hope your eyes didn't get worn out.  But you know I will have more soon.  Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world with all my little bunny trails.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Spring and Chalotte's Web

SPRING!!!!! Oh my it is here and full of promises of green grass, that we have to mow but don't ever complain about it.    We will have flowers and the birds and butterflies will flit around and makes the yard look like there is life and beauty in it again.  The Doves have been going from tree to tree and I know probably making nests.  Yes will have more wind and sand storms but the sand storms are not forever and the wind just keeps it cooler in the summer.  You know the heat, ours is dry, doesn't bother me as long as we have water to drink.   When I use to hoe or chop weeds in cotton fields years ago it didn't bother me.  We started early like soon as it got light and hoed the cotton and as it got hot I guess we just got use to it.   A friend and I would hoe for 50 cents an hour and glad to get it and that is what I bought my school clothes with.  A fair trade for me.  So dry heat you just come on and warm up the ground for the farmers.   I remember one time grandson called us and said Nana this gym is not air conditioned, he was playing summer basket ball and it was hot as blue blazes.  He said you don't have to come and watch if you don't want to.  Well I told Mr. Grandson if you can play in the heat I can sit and watch you play in the heat.   Now I don't like to glissen ( ladies don't sweat) but I did to watch him play ball. 
 I guess the only thing I don't like about spring is the spiders,  they seem to think they need to come out also.   Last year we found a couple of Black Widows.   I really didn't realize how big they are but hubby says he had seen a lot of them when growing up at the farm so he said just watch where you put your hands.   Now guess where the nasty hubby killing things live or one of then anyway?  In the Faerie garden.   I guess it looked pretty inviting and mother Black Widow thought oh what a great place for my thousands of babies to live.   Luckily  the wind blows most of them away.   Yea wind!!!!   Now wasn't that nice of me to make such an inviting place for them?  Little bikes, paths and toadstools.  I am so accommodating.   Well guess what?  I am declaring war on them.   Drum roll please.   Yep I know the spiders are to be here for like scorpion food and whatever else they feed with their little bodies but be gone and go to the alley or someplace I don't play please.  So I guess I will redo my Faerie garden in a few days after the winter havoc of snow and wind has played on it.   BUT with gloves and long sleeved shirt buttoned to the hilt or at least at the wrists. 
I remember seeing Charlotte's Web with our daughters years ago and I cried, yes a grown lady crying at a cartoon spider.  Charlotte was so sweet with Debbie Reynolds voice but I have to face it spiders are not that sweet.   Did love the movie though.  It almost ranks up there with Alien vs Predator in my book.  A wide range there of movies isn't it? 
I have been working on some Crazy Quilting Round Robins.   I am enjoying it and adding my touch to other ladies blocks,  but this particular site has a lot of rules, maybe to many for this old grey mare.   A round robin on  Crazy Quilt Divas is fixin to start and it is always fun.  I am such a pro now.  One under my belt and two in the working and now a new one.  My theme will be Alice in Wonderland.  I will be anxious to see how the other  ladies/artist embellish them.
Here is one of the RR block I have embellished.  This is a 12 block and each lady embellishes part of it.  The yellow in the upper left and the pink faerie part is what I added to the block  
Now of course I have to do my "messy" art also.  This is what I call my mixed media art and love messy fingers with paint and glue.     This is one I did with Jane Davenport in Lifebook 2015.   My inner self.   So I chose flowers and butterflies.  I did draw the girlie in this and drew her little face.   It  was fun and now to do more and play.  

So there you go and thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world or down my bunny trails. 

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Just some doings

Hello and Happy March.   Now it is March and spring is suppose to be around the corner.  RIGHT?  Don't think Mother Nature got the memo.   So many parts of our county are really getting pelted with the white stuff.  In fact Boston is just under 2 inches of having their record broken. We were saying no more for them but if it means breaking a record---go for it Boston.   Well even here in Texas as I type we are getting pelted.   It was rain, then sleet and now pretty big fluffy snowflakes.  Should be nice and icy in the morning. this morning was like 36 and by tonight should be in the low teens.    Now yesterday the temp was like 65 and in a couple of days they saw it will be that again.  So yo yo weather is upon us. All I have to say is I am glad we live in the South where it doesn't really get cold or ugly weather.  

The fur babies certainly love the snow.   Right now they are asleep and warm in their "sun room" and one of us, not naming names but is the newest member of the family, since September, still will not come in the doggie door if it is down.  So on most days it is taped up and a towel taped at the top to help keep it comfy for them.  We keep trying to teach him to come in, he will go out though.  Even fluffy Libby just gives him a big sigh and goes in and out a couple of times and then thinks oh well he is a goofy dog. 

We will continue to teach or try to teach him to come in uninvited.  During the cold and rain and nastiness we block the doggie door incase he goes out and we don't know it.  He has us trained so well.   When he insists to go out, a bird in the yard or a dragon going down the alley is usually the prompt for that action, we let him out and oh my goodness he won't bark or anything when he wants back in. 

We do keep an eye out for his sleek bouncing body though.  Like I said they have us trained.  He is sooooooo smart can basically teach him one maybe two times and he has it down. EXCEPT coming in the doggie door without being invited. 

Some of his foot prints, kinda pretty design.  Hummmmm maybe he is an artist?  You know how we are.  

 Pretty Libby just sighs and sometimes talks to us and like a big furry pillow when she is inside with the humans.

I had to show a couple of scenes of the backyard trees. But right now it looks like a friggin blizzard out there.   Oh I forgot we are where it is warm and doesn't get nasty. 

I had to show this pretty watercolor I won, yep started the year off winning a treasure.  Of course I think everyday is a winner, I mean we get up  don't we?  That is winner enough for me. 
Ana of Introverted Art painted this and I was a lucky lady.    Thank you Ana. 

I have been doing some Crazy Quilting, bet you knew that didn't you?   I had to show one of the pin cushions I made for a friend.   I have to make more of these. 

I am doing a round robin   on Crazy Quilt International and this one is a  little different  for me.  It is a 12 inch block and 5 of us are in a group and everyone works on one block. I think I made this one so everyone has 4 or so seams to play with.    I know it will sing and when I get it back I promise to show and tell. 

Well Miss Piggy here did another 12 inch block for the same Crazy Quilt international.  It is singing I know and when finished will show you how it is singing.  I love it there are 5 of us on this one and 4 are from Texas.  Get that.   Well 3 of us live in Texas and one is from Texas, we do let Texans live in other states at times.  Then we have one in Washington state but we have gotten her to say y'all and fixin'  she is converting. 

That is enough of me wandering down my bunny trails I don't want you to wear your eyes out but will back in a few days.
Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

A New Life for a CD and Link to Kathy's classes

Hello and you know there is always something we can do with old things or things we just don't use anymore.   Now use to in the OLDEN days it was "making do" but NOWDAYS it is "recycling"  so whatever we will call this wonderful project here it is.

CD's, now I know we all have some of them laying around just being flat as a flitter, saying ok what is my next job?  I have held music, photos and what have you for a long time.  So what is next?

This is what I did with two of mine.  Now this is not my idea, wish I would have thought of it but can follow directions fairly well.   

They say, whoever they is, pictures tell a story so here was my story about my pin cushion.   I stuffed it with something.  Now the reason I say that is I went into the closet and there was a white trash bag full of fluffiness.   I guess I had "gutted" some pillows to use the fabric for CQing but there was all the fluffiness and so I now have a big bag full so will have to make more pin cushions. Eazy peazy and fun to do.  Only thing this being my first one I got the pretties a little to close to the edge so a lesson learned.
So you may be asking how? How? HOW?   Well my dears here is the link, wonderful instructions and a sweetheart of a lady to share with we " how did they do that  ladies".     Thank you Ivory Blush Roses. 
Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my CQ world.  I hope you try this fun project.   I will never look at a CD the same way as I use to.   Hummmm a project waiting to happen.  
The link to Kathy Shaw's free classes.  Well worth the time.