Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Alice in Wonderland, a Dragon Fly and Cowboys and Indians

Hello and hope you are just enjoying the Summer or Winter, depends on where you are right this very second.   You might want to grab a cup of tea, coffee or iced tea  for this post.  I fear I am going to wander ( AKA bunny trails ) a bit.   When I start these posts to say hi  I never have an idea and "just shoot from the hip".   That is a funny expression isn't it?  When I was doing my professional photography and I would go to a competition and such, some people would come up to me and ask me how I did this or that or what setting did I have the camera on.  I would say don't know, I just create what I feel with my photography. What kind of vibes I get from my client and how we connect.  My clients would just let me play and I was so blessed with them for allowing me to just create .   One of my best friends was a photographer ( she is in Heaven and I know she just grins even now at what I do ) and she would say she "shoots from the hip" and just beam ear to ear.   They would just walk off and shake their heads.  I was not a technical person at all and did drive some of the technical photographers nuts.    I still do that with my painting and stitching.   No plans of what I am going to do and when I get up in the morning I try not to plan just play-just do.  It is less stressful that way and of course when we mow  the yard that is planned and a given.  I guess I am still  shooting from the hip. I think it is easier that way.

Now I know a lot of you wonderful people probably planned what you wanted to do when you grew up.  Me?  No way, I figure what will happen will happen.   I guess now I sound like Doris Day  in her song   Que Sera, Sera  ( be sure and let the video open to the one it wants to )   with what ever will be will be .  So now you know what makes me tick?  Maybe.  It is kind of like when we were kids playing cowboys and Indians, some days I was a cowboy and some day an Indian.   Those were such fun days in the Summer with our pretend bows and arrows and guns.  Sometimes our guns were pistols and sometimes rifles.  It all depended on what size sticks we found on the ground.   OR when we played mud pies or with our dolls and made their houses out of cinder blocks.  The boys didn't play dolls but the mud pies?  Oh sometimes those were the best mud fights ever.   No planning just doing.

Ok back to my wanderings or bunny trails.   I have been working on Alice in Wonderland  Crazy Quilting blocks.   I have them all done but just teasing you with August's block today.   I love the whole story of Alice in Wonder Land.   I can't remember if I told you what prompted me to do this project?   Hubby got a book of it when he was young, very young like in 1944ish.  I thought how fun it would be to do a CQ project with the wonderful  drawings.   So here is my August page.

I loved the spider, they are suppose to bring good luck.  I figured in the wacky world little Alice was in she might need a lot of luck.   Now the Dragon Fly are just a few dagger beads for the wings and then some smaller beads to finish him off.  I do have to tell you about our Dragon Fly's here in Lubbock Texas.   When I mow the back I always wear goggles because they come so close and sometime bonk me in the head.  I know they don't mean harm but I figure to protect my eyes while they are flitting around and following me every inch of the yard.   I mean every inch.  Remember we have an acre and that is a lot of inches.

  Gerry Kruger suggested to me to do some stitches outside of the "box" also know as the ciggie or silkie and of course that was right up my alley.   There are several versions of the drawings and I did choose the older drawings because they seem to have the most character about them.   Now on one of the blocks I did use a newer version drawing but it just called for it.

This was the newer version of Alice's drawings.   I added the Rabbit, of course the Cat and a close up of Alice and did what Gerry said go out of the "box" with the stitches.    It is fun to challenge myself and try different ways to do the stitches and be inspired on the stitching from Facebook and Pinterest.  Wow there is so much information out there now.  It is mind boggling . That is another subject. 

Now I have to throw in a few drawing/paintings in here also.   You just have to keep learning and doing.   One thing I did learn on this next one is when you wander around your sketch books and find something to enhance and just doodle around with.   FIRST make a copy of it on nice thick paper, watercolor paper or something that is sturdy.   Why you may ask?  Welllllllll if you could see really close this poor girl has some holes in her eyes and around the piece.  Seems like thin thin sketch paper will only take so much abuse and erasing and then it just disappears  into nothing.  Thank goodness her eyes are in the shadows isn't it?    I had forgotten about this girlie and had sketched her a long while back.  I cannot remember what the stuff coming from her neck was suppose to be so hair it became.   She is probably saying" hahahahah I got to get out of the sketch book" to the other girls.  Holes and all.   


Now this faerie is several years old and found her in a stack of paintings so she gets to come out and show her stuff.   I know she is at lease, I think I know, 2 to 3 years old.   Well in painting world that is.   You may ask, or not, why do you spell Faerie the way you do instead of Fairy?   My cousin Juanita had written it that way and it is an old way to spell it.  So I thought that I had to spell my Faeries that way.   Nothing original that I came up with.   I do remind myself that there is nothing new under the sun.   Nothing!!! It has already been done.  


Alright I am not going to wear your eyes out today but will try and try hard to write another piece in a  few days.   Thank you so much for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world    


Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Post with No Name

Don't ya love my title?   I do remember a song "Horse with No Name".  It was a cute song and  coe to find out it made it to the states in 1972 and in Europe in 1971 and became a gold record.  Here is the link to the song.  I liked the one with daily motion the best because I guess it had cars and horses in it.                                              Horse with No Name .

Sometimes when we mow, which we did this morning before it gets so blue blazing hot, I think.  I know that is scary at times but it just feels good to be outside on the lawn mower and just enjoying life.  We have chosen to divide the mowing duties into two days when it is so hot.   Good choice I think.  What came to mind you may ask?  I did think about my painting and my artsy things and looking at the clouds and all their beautiful shapes.   Of course the Horse with No Name also.   I guess it was just a summer day to enjoy.  I hope you all are enjoying the moment and just taking in what the day brings.   I have always tried to live in the now and Hubby does tell me that I do live in the now more than any person he knows.   So in my book if Hubby says so it is good for me.

There is a little quote I like and if OK I will share it with you.  Pretty true I think.   Worry does not take away tomorrow's troubles, it takes away today's peace.    So there you go my "Lawn Mowing" thoughts I guess.

I have been busy and oh did I say busy?  Being Relaxed Relaxed Retired is just pure hard work.  I thought it would be eazy peazy but no WORK it is.    A sweet friend did send me a link on Facebook and said Annette you might like this. Wow did I ever it was a pastel portrait by Cuong Nguyen originally from Vietnam.  He had an e-book and I purchased it.   It is teaching a method called Verdaccio that has been around since the 15th Century.  Now folks that is older than I am .

Here a couple I did with that method, now I warn you there are some boo boo's here on the drawing but I wanted to show you how the skin tones just pop.  I do want to go back and finish one of them and correct some things.  I was to lazy to drag out my soft pastels.  These are both done with pastel pencils.   I did these while watching the baseball game well two baseball games on TV so just a break from doing CQ.

What ya think?  He is an awesome teacher and I can remember being exposed to this method and I was not ready to receive it  and thought how is that going to help the skin?   You know  sometimes when you are learning things they just don't sink in until you are ready for it.  You can hear it and hear it and it just doesn't sink in and when you are ready wham it is like where has this been all my life.   

Well I won't overwhelm you but will be back soon with some Crazy Quilting how is that for a deal?  
Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world.


Friday, July 1, 2016

The Dog Days of Summer with some Yellow thrown in there

 Hello and Happy already July.   Now this month reminds me of what they, whoever they are, say the Dog Days of summer.   I am not sure where this little saying comes from.  I know it is now and just kind of a bum month.  Kind of a time to relax and play in lots of water sports and just enjoy the Summer.  An in-between month before school warm up activities start cranking up.    Now we are fortunate to have two Fur Babies and unless they are unusual dogs,they lay around a lot of the time.  They are bums most of the time but a perfect and lovable pets. They are always so happy to see you with the wagging tails and happy faces, be you gone 5 minutes or 5 hours.  Now they do keep the dreaded Dragons out of the yard and there isn't a critter around, that has any sense, come into our yard.  I mean even the birds know not to be down on the grass for very long.   The only critter that wins is  Pepie La Pew-aka a skunk.    I remember Jewel, in doggie heaven now, and Libby have gotten skunked twice.  Once we smelled it and thought OMG, lets get the girls in before they get the perfume of Pepie.   We let them in and they settled and then oh my did we ever smell it.  Oh our eyes burned and poor Libby had the cone of shame on  so you know her eyes were really hurting.   .     Well were politely sent them outside and kept the door open and sprayed Febreze and vinegar and anything and everything we could think of.  The carpet,furniture and the walls.    With the help of peroxide and something else we bathed them and finally got it all out of their coats.   Now the tomato juice thing didn't even phase it all.   Not one drop.

Ok back to the dog days of Summer.   Our babies sleep a lot and laze around.  So I guess that is why Summer is refered to the Dog Days of Summer.  

Our pretty Libby sporting a red bandana.   She is thinking I am wise and elderly and sitting here so regal and aren't I pretty?  I don't smile or wag my tail much but I get my point across.  Trust me.  I do rush to the back of the yard and make sure everything is like it should be. 

  I read where a human can wear a bandana around your neck or wrist or tied to your jeans outside with 3 drops of Lavender oil on it and it keeps the Mosquitoes away.  So I wear this when I work outside.  I called the vet and asked if the Fur Babies could do the same.   Why not?  They only get one drop of Lavender oil though.  I can't wear the mixture of Lavender and sort of a lotion because any kind of perfumed smell does ugly things to hubby. 

Our Charlie  has his bandana on but it is hidden.   Probably laying there thinking I have my fancy bandana on and now my human surrounds our pictures of us with a yellow border.  What is this?  Why does she do things like this to us?    Our fancy dog house  aka the air conditioned sun room is good.  We are spoiled so why does she do this to us?  She could be giving us a snack that they call a toothbrush to us.  But noooooooo, a yellow picture.   I know I am only 3 years old and busy as can be but a snack would be really nice.

I do share some of yellow flowers with you.  I love yellow and such a cheerful color.  Even the faerie garden's bike has yellow flowers in it. 

It is funny July's block of the month is even yellow, well parts of it.  So it just fits in with July's post.  I did some Brazilian roses on the yellow lace and played with Alice's block.  I have more to show of the CQ but will just tease you until the next post.  How's that?   

Well that is pretty much it for the start of July so thank you for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today. 


Friday, June 17, 2016

Crazy Quilting, Painting and Hi Ho Silver

Hello and happy Friday and if in the land of Down Under--happy Saturday.  It is funny, well not ha ha ha funny but funny to me that we are all on the same planet and half of us are having Summer and half of us are having Winter.    I have friends and family in the Down Under and they say it is wet and freezing for them, I always think  I am going to keep track of their weather and see if ours is similar for each season.  If they get the cold and wet and then we do or visa versa --we get the cold and wet and then they get it.  Very interesting to me.   Let me tell you from first hand, it is hot here today.  Toasty, warm your bones hot.   We have good old refrigerated air and I am thankful for it in every way, even our fur babies have refrigerated air in their "dog house"   aka Sun Room.    We can't let them roast or combust they are our babies.

Just grab a glass of Ice Tea and read on dear readers.  I got a little windy here today.

Nothing to exciting going on in the dog days of Summer, here but on the way home from lunch today with a friend there was a song playing on the radio.   I am not sure who sung it and what the name of the song was but I thought I have to blog today on the song.  Words in the song were Hi Ho Silver.    It made me immediately think of the Lone Ranger and Tonto a true western that had movies made and I loved them.  Now I do have a note from Annette on this---we saw the current Lone Ranger and Tonto movie and sorry Johnny Depp it was awful.   I remember listening to their episodes on the radio, which I learned the radio episodes started in 1933 (before my time, yes really !!! ) and 2956 episodes were created.   There were other radio shows I listened to but that one was wonderful     The horse's name was Silver.   For some fun facts and just a summer little exploring to do here is a link to the site   HERE .  

                          I just had to share a picture of the two heroes and of course Silver

I have been painting and stitching, I mean isn't that what Relaxed Retired Ladies do?  Well besides planting Begonias in your Faerie Garden.   The Mosquitoes are being very healthy with our rain but I read that Lavender oil, a few drops now, on a bandana help keep the pests away.  So I checked with the vet and am trying that on our fur babies.  I do know that Lavender is soothing and have gone down to one drop on a  red bandana for them to wear.   I don't want them to be Zombies or really lulled down.  

The CQJP 2016 for June, well it is one of the blocks above   I don't know if you remember but I am doing an Alice in Wonderland book.  This is June's block with some silk ribbon Irises and leaves and silk ribbon rose buds and of course every garden has to have a spider.  The bottom square has buttons in the tree, don't we all have button trees or is it just in Alice and Wonderland?   Bullion roses are fun to make and did enjoy them also on this piece.    I have finished July thru December's blocks also, but I will try and hold off to show you them as the months come.  Well I say that but I will try really hard. 

I embellished this for a friend who I am in a Round Robin with, she sews the block and I add of my goodies to it.   She liked birds for I found in my stash two birds with beaks together so I got my scissors and clip clip the birds were separated and I then had one.  It is embellished with threads and I did use lots of silk ribbon on this one.   Hope you like it. 

Sketching while watching the baseball games, GO TEXAS RANGERS.   This artsy lady just begged me to sketch her so I couldn't turn her down.  It is just pencil and some white pastel dabed here and there.  I was going to add color but kept telling my self this a a sketch to keep myself in the groove so in the groove I stayed.  

I finished this painting for a friend and the subject was her beautiful daughter. Elizabeth.  She had a cap on and of course I had to do some artistic doings on this.  I made whimsical and did add just a tad to her hair after taking this photo.  There are lots of layers of paint mainly acrylic and acrylic inks.  Man alive the acrylic inks are fun to work with and can be transparent.  You can drop and drip and let the inks run and just play to your hearts content.   I had no idea where this painting was going and then just kept adding and adding things until Elizabeth told me to stop.     

Well that is it for the second for me.  Thank you for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world. 



Friday, June 10, 2016

Two winners still have not checked in

Hi dear Blog readers,  ok I have been absent and guess I need to reintroduce myself.   Hi I am Annette from Texas and just write on my blog whatever in the world comes to mind.   AND AND all in different paths or as Grandson says I write in Bunny Trails .  Do you remember me faintly?   

It is getting toasty here by next week.   Toasty is good to me and feels great on my bones.
We don't have much humidity so I guess I cannot judge how it feels with the wet stuff in the air.   Well you do have to remember ladies don't sweat, we just glisten.  Let me tell you I don't like to glisten either so in the mornings I am good and get my mowing or anything done like pertains to work.  Later in the day I am an indoor girl.  God created air conditioners for a reason in my book, probably for namby pamby people like me.  Who is in the namby pamby group with me.?   I can see your hands being lifted as I type.

Now I have no excuse at all for being MIA on my blog.  I have a ton of pics to show and not sure where to start, I don't want you to get art blind with looking at so many at one time.  

I have been working on Sue Spargo things,   felted wool and lots of bling, Texas Bling to be exact.  So I will start with the blocks.   How is that?  They are not the colors and some not the placements recommended in the book and certainly not the stitches and bling but here  is May's block.   I did use an Artist's license to put this little thing together. 

I have been painting and will get to those soon for you.   I will go stand in the corner for a while, well with my popcorn and tiny candies by my side and the corner facing the TV, but I will stand in the corner for not keeping in touch.    

I had a give a way and the main winners still have not given me their addresses.   One is Talking horse and the other is a Karen . Please if you would like your prize let me know.  I am not sure how to handle this and I have not ever had someone not give me their address to mail their present to them. 

Ok I am giving it the old try the best I can do.   I guess if not by the end of the year I will just give them to someone else who signed up for the drawing. 

Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.   Y'all are the best and later.


Monday, March 21, 2016


 Hello and good morning,   ok drawing done and will announce the winners.  Now if y'all know me at all you know I can't stand it and had to make one more pretty.  So I have 3 to give away instead of 2.  .   BUT  I am a softy and had Eldon draw 7 more.  Yep 7  more so the second group of ladies will get a little prize.   Not in the same category as the first set of prizes but a little something.   I bet you will like it.

Drum rollllllllll please.     


A little something group ( probably a little lace, a ciggie or a little surprise)

Congratulations ladies so proud for you.  Now I don't think I know some of you so please comment here your mailing address and first and last names.  No one will see the addresses so they will be safe on here.    I will then get them ready to get to you via snail mail.

A little collage of Karen's pouch, ready for cell ( well if not one of those giant things I have seen ) or your sunglasses.  One lady that has one keeps her pill bottles  in it.   This has some Vintage Sari trim at the bottom.  Lots of pretty can't imagine a whole Sari with so many beads, don't you know it is beautiful?   Enjoy it Karen and they are tough, I have carried one for several years and not the worse for wear and even have one on the end table with lip gloss, nail file and the Texas Rangers Baseball schedule in it.   

Renee's Pin Cushion.  The little button is I think a mold depression glass button   and the little bee I made with my very own fingers and beads and wire.   Enjoy it Renee. 

Talking Horse Arts cute cute Pin Cushion, bet you are glad I made a third prize aren't you?   This is so delicate looking but tough as a boot.  Enjoy it Talking Horse.  

Thank you all for peeking in on my blog and will try not to go as long without another give a way.  These are fun and hope it makes your day.     As of this second 65,568 views.   OMG.    


PS   I forgot to say dear ladies that if you want to post go for it and then peps can see your thoughts and feelings.  BUT the winners please just put your address in a different post or Facebook message me.  That way I can delete your address after I write it down and no one will see it.   Hugs and glad to make your day oxoxxo

Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Give a Way

Hello and no real bunny trails today just news about the give a way.   Just checked and this very absolute second I have had 65,192 views.   Now I am happy as a lark that this little blog, that tells just stuff , has had that many views.  Can you tell I am grinning like a Cheshire Cat?   Well I am.

I have made two pretties and please tell me if you have a preference if you would rather have one over the other. 

The first one is  ( well the front of it right now) a sun glass/ cell phone/ or whatever pouch.   It is sporting one of the faeries I have drawn and painted and I love these colors.  So much that I am making myself one also.   Kind of like it but not really, have to have all originals.

 Here are some close ups of the front of it .  I have to show the whole front also.   

Now it will be padded and of course a back but I thought it would show up prettier flat as a flitter.  
The next pretty is a little heart pin cushion with a bee I made.  The pincushion will be stuffed but again I thought flat would make a prettier picture for now.  
So there you are, my two pretties for the give away.   Now all you have to do,  and I think most of you are,  is be a followers and just tell me which pretty you had rather have in the comment section here.   If either one just say that also.  Right now don't tell me where to mail your prize right .   On the 21st of March I will do our high tech drawing, names on paper and I throw them on the floor and hubby picks up two for me.  See I told you it is high tech.  Well unless we get tons of comments then I will have to resort to something more high tech .     On the 21st I will have the comments so I approve them and you can give your mailing address then.  No one will see it except me. 
Now dear ones if for some reason this blog home will not let you leave your name to be entered just go to Facebook if you are there and just tell me you are in the running.   Don't have a clue what is happening but some cannot post.  So sorry about this. ox
I just wanted to thank all who have viewed my little blog and just making my day.  Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.