Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Mother Nature---are you happy now? AND My Thread Spool Doll

Hello there, I have been tardy sorry about that.   Been doing whatever relaxed retired people do.   What you may ask is that?  Don't know just enjoying the moment and being sort of bums without any stress.  Hummmm that may be it.   

Now I don't know about  y'all but I know dear Mother Nature has been sort of ugly to us.   I have a ciggie/silkie done of her and thought maybe I will do a Crazy Quilt block of her.  Maybe to sooth the feathers so to speak.    I had her almost done and then ugly weather again including snow in May and in Montana and Northern New Mexico.  So I got the block out and finished her.

Here's to you Mother Nature.   Love ya gal and your weather changes but time to go into normal weather and semi retire on the bad weather for a while.

So here she is.  Sorry about the Watermark but sometimes you have to protect part of your work.    Any who, I added organza to the wings and some fancy dancy thread, gave this Mother Nature some bling on her crown.   I think I almost saw a smile when I finished her.   The golds and rusts I usually don't use a lot of but with that glorious red hair it just called for it.  

Here is the whole block finished.  I got to thinking what if she gets mad because I didn't share the whole block?     I did use some silk sari ribbon I had and the trim at the top left has mirrors in it, just something fun.  The black pretties on the right is from a bracelet I deconstructed ( how do you like that word instead of tearing up? ) from an estate sale. 

Now I also did a little shadow  box, my first and have been looking at Diane Salters beautiful work and thought ok it looks like fun and I want to play this week so here it is and I hope I will explain the  steps as my mind led me.

Here is the finished box.   Well not actually a box but an 8x8 deep ( 1 1/2 inch ) canvas and this is the back side.  With the wood etc showing.  I got out my craft black acrylic paint and painted this little thing stem to stern   Inside, outside anything that showed white.  

I then gathered and gathered all that I could think of that might go with some kind of a theme.   I did discover lo and behold I don't have enough stuff!!!! Yes you read that correctly.  More stuff.   I use to have lots of little things when I had my photography business but gave them all away.   Oh well don't want to be a hoarder but a semi one would be nice.  So off to the store with a good excuse to buy.  My motto has been    SHOP TIL YOU DROP, SPEND TIL THE END AND BUY TIL YOU DIE  or some such wording like that.   Hubby is so patient and just reads a book when we go this kind of shopping and then of course I am exhausted and we have to eat lunch out somewhere.  Isn't that the rules?   Mine anyway.  

After gathering things I measured the paper width I wanted to use and thumbing thru what I had a decision was made.  All the paper was then cut to where it wanted to go.  I even cut a piece for the back as well as the sides on the inside.  I didn't not glue yet even though I wanted to incase I changed my mind.  We ladies do that you know.  A lot. 

I am doing this for a special Princess so here goes.   I found the doll head thingie at Michaels.  It was a head with some little things fastened to it.   I took the gold crown with "diamonds" off of a necklace and used a lot of E6000 glue throughout the whole piece of art.    I then gathered some sparkled tulle and put around the empty spool of thread and glued some lace at the neck also and then tied ribbon and a bling button on this .  So far this is all I glued together.  

I placed and placed again and finally came up with a design I liked. 

 I did use Modge Podge for the paper though.   A friend told me when I was having troubles with air bubbles, thank you Janet, that to coat the paper and the base and you will be good to go.   But don't glue on yet.   Then I placed things and replaced them until I was again happy with it all.  THEN GLUE!!!!!   First the paper, then the pretties one at a time.  

A close up of the paper sparkle flowers and a broken pin for more sparkle.   Old jewelry works wonders.  Something no one wants anymore finds it's way here and I just reuse like crazy.   I even cut the jewelry apart at times.

Now this butterfly was bright red so with some glue and pink glitter it doesn't scream out at you.  Just an accent.   The ballerina is one of those birthday things you use to fancy up a cake.  Several years ago I received 2 of them in a kit I got and thought what am I going to do with these little things?   TaDaaaaaa   now I know.  Looks girly to me. 

The side of the canvas/box and I did cut all the paper a tad smaller so the black would show, I thought it gave it a good look.

I found some of the metal tags by Tim Holtz and they were perfect for little messages. 

So here it is again.  I hope my meandering thoughts will help anyone who wants to make one.  
So THANK YOU  Diane Salter for inspiring me.   Now I need to go to flea markets and pick up oldies but goodies for more of these little boxes.  It was really fun.     I did add a little guardian Angel at the top of the box just for special   I Love You.  
Now one more piece.  I am finishing up this front of a purse, using the wonderful Shibori Ribbon.. I found a piece that I had that was purple.   Now this is the same Ciggie/silkie I used on  another purse front but that is the only repeat.  I just don't like to make two things alike.  In fact I don't think you can.  Your mood or circumstances are different and they just don't turn out the same.  You can use the same elements but nope-nada they will not be the same.  
Alright that is my doings for a while.   This time of year the yard calls you and my goodness our is yelling at us.  What we usually do in March and April is just now getting done.  We love it though and really don't complain about the yard work.  We would like it to be lush but being in West Texas and a tremendous drought we are fine with it all.    Like I said the weather has been horrible with winds that howl and cold and you may remember we don't like cold.  
Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.  


  1. Your Mother Nature is full of luscious colors and beauty. Surely she will be kind to you Texans:) I love Love Love your canvas box project. So much lovely detail and beauty. You have been a busy girl!

  2. Aww so very cute Annette, you did a great job on that little box! I love stopping by to read your blog post they are so entertaining and fun!
    Have a great week and Ill see ya soon!
    Hugs Marilou

    1. Thanks ML xoxoxo these boxes are addictive. Oh every thing I am doing is so what is new?

  3. You clever old thing! I love your Mother Nature. She hasn't been very nice to us at all. At least we've got rid of most of the damp in the house. Most of my stash was unaffected or OK after a quick wash, but I did have to get rid of some (it felt as though I was dumping helpless kittens) Isn't it strange how we weird stitchers get attached to bits of fabric. I've decided that from now on I'm going to use all my 'best good stuff'' rather than waiting for a special project (that never seems to pop up, anyway) By the way, your shadow box is great too. I really must get started on something new. You have shamed me into it. lol Blessings to you and your family.

    1. yea it came thru Lesley sometimes in the comment box it takes it sweet slow time. if the spamers quit visiting me I could just let the comments come on it. That is just what I thought ok going to use my good stuff what am I holding on to it for? The end of the world ? oxoxoxoxxo

  4. I think it very appropriate that you made a "crazy" quilt block for should I say it or will I curse all of us? "crazy" mother nature. Hope this block soothes her a little. I adore the box you made-it is just wonderful. A whole new obsession and something to shop for--uh oh!

  5. Hi Annette I left a comment early this morning. It's almost 9pm here now and it hasn't yet appeared.. I didn't say anything nasty. Honest lol Just wanted to know if it got through the ether.. Blessings

    1. Hi dear Lesley, nope it didn't come thru. I don't think there is a nasty bone in your body my dear. : ) Don't know where it went. Hugs and always love seeing your notes. xoxoxo

  6. Annette! You always come up with another beautiful project to top the last! I truly love your Mother Nature piece- the red hair is gorgeous!!- (I think that's why Nancy loves her too!) and the box is just adorable and the Special gal that receives it will be in heaven for sure!!! and besides all that- you make me laugh out loud girlfriend! heeheexoxo


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