Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Three Faces of a Fairy and when is a cup not really really a cup?

Hello there, February is coming to an end.  Wonder if this Blizzard we just had was the going out like a lion that in my world the ground hog predicted?  Me thinks so.  It was a hum dinger I can tell you they even named it Rocky.  

A quick glimpse of Rocky in our backyard.  Not to fret, today it was sunny and all gone except in the corners of the yard with 3-4 foot drifts.  Now it did uproot some trees around town and close down the interstate yesterday.  I think because the temp before it started it was in the 70's and the ground was warm.  But in West Texas we can have this one day and beautiful weather, like today the next.  I think Mother Nature just likes to play with her power here and then go on elsewhere to show what she did. 

Now I know lots of young ladies AKA spring chickens and a few of us old hens don't cook as much as we use to.  When I first married over 52 years ago now, I really really didn't know a lot of cooking terms and doings.  I kid you not,  but learned as I went and still learning.  Love the cooking show, just to watch and sometimes even trying recipes out.   When I first started cooking I didn't know the difference between a cup or a cup.  To me when a recipe called for a half of a cup I thought a cup !!!! You know the kind that you drink hot tea or coffee out of.   Then one day I was at the grocery store and lo and behold what did I discover?   You guessed it-----a measuring cup.   Like a light bulb came on or a shining light from heaven beamed down on it saying "here I am Annette---I am a cup"  

Now as you can see there are many different sizes of cups.  Big, small, skinny and very round.  It does make a difference when measuring I can swear to that one.
TaDa a measuring cup.   Funny how the textures etc of my cooking made a difference when I acquired one of these wonderful treasures.  Oh what will they think of next?   Butter in a tub?   Whip cream stuff in a tub?   Oh the wonder of science. 
I bet you remember the little fairy I sketched off a post or two back.  Had fun with her and thought why don't I copy her off and then preserve the original and play with her attitude in different colors.   It is indeed how the color changes give her different looks.  I tried my best not to make her look realistic.  I will play on canvas with some of these and just see where she and my muse takes me. 
Soooooooo here she is all three of her.

This little red head was first, she was the journal size 5x7 ish.   Loved doing the red hair .  She looks a little feisty doesn't she? 

Here she is more flowers and looks pretty sweet she is a little larger than the journal page. Now her face may look like it has the mange but I think I got a tad to much watercolor and the paper pilled up.  So I kind of sanded it, gessoed it and then more paint.  So now she looks embarrassed or maybe to much sun?   

Now Miss Purple here, she just came out and wanted to be a little more daring with that purple hair,  I guess I could have made it magenta like mine was one year but purple seemed to fit her little attitude.    Again I tried my best not to make real looking.  Just a playful little fairy. 

So here they are my little fairies.   Well the ears are a give a way or a Vulcan  like Spock from Star Trek but they don't have big eyes like this so we will go with fairies.  
Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.



  1. I want to see a photo of you with magenta hair!!

  2. smashing photos Annette and loving your fairies. Hugs Annette x

  3. And then the next day it's 80...go figure! Our snow didn't stick! Lol! Love your fairies! Gorgeous eyes!

  4. You are so creative with this lovely fairy, love how you can change her completely just adding some different accessories . And I believe she does look a lot like you :-) Hugs !


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