Friday, February 1, 2013

did the Night Fariy eat the Cupcake?

Hello February.  Today was sunny now I am thinking that the Ground Hog sees his shadow and runs back into his hole so that means 6 more weeks of winter.   I think!!!!!!  At least in our part of the world it was sunny.   Good job he doesn't live in our back yard though, the fur babies would chase him off.   That means yard work is just around the corner. 

Well if I would have looked at the calendar I would have noticed that Ground Hog day was the 2nd of February.  Oh well I was close and as the saying goes a day late and a dollar short.  But not the dollar short just a day late.  I bet the Ground Hog did his thing anyway.  LOL   I had a wonderful friend, who went to heaven years ago said to me one time if you don't make mistakes you are not human.   So I am HUMAN !!!!! Whew got that one settled.  

I have been playing with the art journal this week and just playing is the word.   I did one with cupcakes, yum and no calories.   Using molding paste and rolled up tubes of paper I had made with my Gelli plate. 

The top left is on an 8x10 canvas to be hung in the newly painted bedroom.   I chuckle when I see this because I use to think an 8x10 was giant.  I know it isn't but I use to think that.  Now my art journal, where you experiment techniques is bigger than the canvas.  Ok enough chuckling Annette get down to business here.  Now the magazine image is what inspired me from Diane's beautiful work.   Thanks  Diane for getting my muse to working.  

I got this inspiration from Diane Salter in the Somerset Studio magazine.   Love those magazines, lots of talented artists and they share their work so freely.   Here is Diane's blog and her pretty work.

In my sketching I did a little fairy and  her eyes grew  ( better to see you with my dear, like in Red Riding Hood ) so I figure she is a Night Fairy.  Bigger eyes can see better at night.   Right?   Soooooo in another magazine from Somerset--  apprentice-- an artist  Anne Le Toux shared how to made a transfer from a picture.  She used a magazine photo I think and I had sketched this fairy so I just used her.    I had forgotten to say that I took my original sketch and ran it thru the copy machine that was left over from my business.   I used just thin copy paper.   Now I have printed her off on watercolor paper and that stuff, 140 lb. is so thinck that I think if I tried the transfer on that it would take me two weeks to rub all that paper off.  I'll try a small image on just copy paper from my printer.  It is ancient an Epson 2200 which is still a fantastic printer but I can still get all the inks and it works great so it is sticking around till it croaks.   After doing the transfer,   Gel Medium on her face, stuck down on the paper, dry totally and then spritz the back of the "glued down" paper and rub till your image  appears and it is transparent.  A few years ago a person I once knew showed me how to do this technique but I had forgotten about it.    I then used water colors and painted her little face and it has pages showing thru, makes it interesting.  Kind of like a ghost showing thru.  I was going to do it on the right page but  but a good fairy does not look to the left.   No reason just Annette reasoning.   Then I just played with the pages.  

Here she is guess I need to name her besides a night fairy.  
A close up of here, now she might look like she has a disease on the right side of her face , well on all of it but it is the underlying pages and paper peeking thru.  Like the ghost from the past or something like that.    Molding paste makes good texture for the butterflies. 

A close up of the opposite page.   
There you go part of what I have been up to this week.  Playing just playing.  Now I did have to work today!!!!! DH was repairing a light in the fur babies Tropical hideaway and I held the fluorescent tubes.   Not a hard job but they were 96 inches long so a balancing act maybe.  I couldn't do my usual messing and playing around with these things they are so fragile.  But I thought it.  I could be a tight rope walker but if I showed him that and broke one he might not smile just kind of patiently look at me and we would clean it up and go get another one.  

Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.