Sunday, February 17, 2013

It's Around the Corner

Yikes I just saw that I have not posted in a while.  Where has the time gone?   Here it is the middle of February already.   OK now I am not sure but we here in the north part of the equator are I do believe ready for SPRING !!!!!  What do you say?    do I hear YES !!!!!!!

 Enough of the snow and slushy nasty stuff that follows the pretty white and clean snow.   How about some spring showers, nice and slow, to bring May flowers?   Course that time is year is when we get lots of hail storms also.  I did mention to God that when we moved in this house  it had a polka dot roof.  I kid you not and I said I hope we get a hail so we can get a new roof.  I did forget to say for one year not two years.    I may be jumping the gun as they say but I am ready for Spring and our sand storms and all.   Now I know you will remind me when it is over 100 degrees that I was wanting warmer weather, but that is why we have air conditioners isn't it?  

I looked to see what I had on the computer or  card of something cheerful so this is what I came up with.  

the "monster" plant that tricked us into re potting it.  I received this little innocent looking plant  probably back in 1992.   Well it grew and I felt sorry for it and  I re potted it.  Little feeler roots coming out of the pot.  I felt so sorry for it.    Then the nursery said don't ever re pot them because they will take over.  Well it was whispering to me when we put it in the "Tropical Hideaway" for the winter and said--- I need re potting.  This thing gets giant in size.  Eldon AKA  DH uses a dolly to get into the back as it is.   So it will be placed here in probably May after any threat of a late frost or freeze.    The fur babies self water thingy stays out all the time.  This is the best invention since light bulbs. 

A Summer sunrise here, with out our nicer lawn chairs that got beaten to a pulp by the hail.   The rug I painted survived.  Well I think with 2 gallons of Kilz on it and 2 gallons of paint it is indestructible.    But we have seen it blow over half way with the gentle winds.  That takes some doing let me tell you.

View from our bedroom, well not in February but in the summer.  We can dream can't we?
Our view this morning, back to reality I guess. Nope no snow just DH forgot to turn off the sprinkler system so it looked like snow.   Funny, when Libby came out of the "Tropical Hideaway" she started barking up a storm.  She was protecting us from the ice trees.  She was in serious protecting mode.  
Back to reality.  Do the kids in your area wrap trees and houses?   We have a young teenager next door and I do believe they get wrapped nearly every weekend.  Yesterday morning it was heavily wrapped but the wind has blown a lot of it away.  A lot of the times we hear lots of giggles and activity next door at the wee hours of the night.  Probably little girls at a slumber party saying lets go wrap L's house. 


So there you go,   not real earth shattering or anything like that but a wishful thought or two about Spring.
Thanks for stopping by to see what is going on in my world today.


  1. I want to come and sit on your patio before it gets too hot!!

  2. Anche qua in Sardegna non vediamo l'ora che arrivi la primavera!
    Ciao,belle foto!
    Un abbraccio e buona settimana!

  3. I really like this post Annette, so nice to see where you are and where you live . You seem to have a lot of extreme weather conditions which can be fun , but maybe also a nuisance . I wonder if your Monstera ever made a fruit....? xoxo

  4. Hi Annette love the photos hope your well and your right spring is defo on the way Yippie xx

  5. Annette,
    Yes, the teens go Toilet Papering, as it is called here, or it makes me smile and other times It makes me cry to see night some "friends" of our son decided to TP our house....I think they used two complete packages of Toilet paper from was at least 100 rolls of TP...we were gone to a family reunion...and spent literally 4 hours cleaning up when we got home at 6 pm, I was NOT happy...
    Love your garden in summer!


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