Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Pins and Pearls


I just couldn't stand it, I had to show you what I am working on. Well some of what I am working on at the moment. Now that baseball is over I just Crazy Quilt and sketch at night while watching our TV shows, hubby and I.

I had made one fantabulous pillow, in my opinion for our bed. So I was thinking our little love seat in our bedroom is drab so why not spiffy it up with a go with pillow? I am fixin to start doing the fun fun part----BEADS- but had to show one or two parts of it.

Don't know if you remember about the jackpost estate sales we went to hear a while back, where I found the beautiful earrings for $2. I had to have a long talk with myself and say ~ Annette you promised the daughters of the lady you purchased the earrings from that you would make something pretty using them. So I finally gave in to my promise and added it here to the hat of the ciggie on my pillow.

So here we go, the pin I thought makes a wonderful addition to my victorian gal. I know those hats were probably heavy any way so might as well add some more BLING !!! I am not through adding goodies to her or the pillow, oh no the pillow needs to weigh what 100 pounds before I finish one. I know I get carried away with the stuff but it is just so pretty.

Now also remembering back when Hubby found a beaded dress for $5 at another estate sale that same day, I thought about selling it on ebay or some such place and thought no I want to use it and every bit of it. So I cut, oh I did hate to do it, but the dress was a size nothing and I knew I would never need it so my pillow is now sporting some pearls and pretty from the dress. I had promised the dress that I would make it happy.

Here you go part of a sleeve. Already beaded and sequined, I think it goes perfect with my pillow and have given it a good home.

I have another pillow I just started for grandaughter, she changes colors so often but I went ahead and started one for her, but you can see it later. I have sewn the lace on it and fixing to get it to the point of where this one is and then I can BEAD to my hearts content.

There you go just couldn't wait to show yall what is going on in my world this week.

Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world.