Thursday, November 29, 2012

In groups of THREE

Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news but November is nearly over.  I cannot believe it has gone by so quickly.  Pretty soon , I will say this very quietly  SANTA  will be coming.  Now if you are under 10 years or so please don't read this next part.  OK?   One Christmas eve our wonderful grands were all tucked into bed waiting for Santa to come and what did they hear?   We always went outside the window and shook some Santa bells and said Ho ho ho.  Well our sweet Santa went out there in the colder than a frozen tundra weather and shook the bells but forgot to disguise his voice.  The grands looked at each other and said Grandad!!!!!   We quickly said no Grandad is in the living room watching TV.   Whew we slipped by that one, maybe.  We would not trade for the memories of when they were small and Christmas.  Now they are grown up and don't think they would fall for our jingle bells.  BUT when we play cards we still have to listen/watch Christmas Vacation.  Not that we don't know every word by heart and when Uncle Eddie comes up in his RV.   That is just part of our Christmas card playing.  

OK, I sort of wandered but it is getting to the end of the year.  This post may be a tad long but making up for lost time. 

When you see decorating shows and read all the rules and not rules they say to do things in odd numbers---1, 3, 5 and those little numbers.  I have been doing Crazy Quilting and right now have two pillows and a purse in the putting together and finishing part.   Sort of 3 but somewhere in cyber land I lost one of the pillows, it is gone where no pillow has gone before I suppose.     ( Kind of Star Trekish)      AND I have been sketching some of my favorite stars, well 2 and 1/2 of them maybe the half of him is with the pillow.   So maybe 2 parts of 3's. 

OK enough of this teasing  I think I will show you the sketches first.     Ladies first, I don't know how many of you watch NCIS but we love it and even the reruns which we have seen a million times we watch them.  In fact a restaurant we went to before they closed knew we had to be finished with our meal and home by 4 PM to watch the reruns.  We usually eat a late lunch and the waitresses would sit down with us and visit because it would be a slow time when we came in and they had time. 

So here are two of my favorite ladies from the great show.   Now I won't make you guess these

This beautiful lady from Chile is Cote de Pable in the show is Ziva David ( not David- Da- vid)   Oh she is beautiful but don't let that fool you in the show, she will take care of herself and whip 4 or 5 guys into shape before you know what happened.     I hope if she accidental looks at it she likes it.  Well you know it could happen --maybe.  

The next wonderful and cute and Miz Personality is Pauley Perrette who plays Abby Scuito in the series,  Miz Goth herself and a wiz at finding things out and drinks a lot of her drink  CowPow.   Wears these giant shoes to make her taller and just so cute.
OK the next is partly done,  I know I have an eye right but just had to show him   Part of my 2 and 1/2  sketches.   I think I have his nose also but I have erased his mouth so many times but will get it.   Maybe.
Christopher Lambert I love his different looks and voice.  Mainly in the Highlander, Connor Mac Leod with that handsome Sean Connery.  Still work to be done here but needed an odd number so I can be so so correct in the rule of odd numbers. 
Now for the CQ, remember I create these while Baseball and now action shows are on.  Lots of action the better in my book, no girly shows for me.  : )
This sweet purse is trying to decide if it wants a handle and fringe or what is wants to be when it grows up to be a purse.  Of course I love these colors. 
The 75% finished pillow, I branched out and did different colors than I usually work with for my personal use.   I don't have a clue what I am going to do with it, finish it and put up or sell it?   I did have to challenge myself though and work with these soft and yummy colors. 

Had to show some of the "critter's " on here a little closer.  Now my spider almost looks like it could be something giant and growing but nope just some little beads and thread.  I do love putting these little additions on the CQ work.

Now some little love birds were added, so sweet I did add some beads on their neck and thought better about putting red beadie eyes on them.   They do have mean looking eyes.  
Now this next pillow is in sections, don't have a clue what happened to the whole pic and thought maybe with Christopher's lips perhaps? 

Just had to share this part with you.    I am working on something fun at the moment but am afraid that someone special will read this and know what it is so nope won't share but that could be part of my trio you know in odd numbers.   I am fixin to do a witch on Lifebook one of the big eyed girls again and I will share that with you in a few days. 
See I told you it was a tad lengthy but thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world . 



  1. Oh Annette!! It was worth the wait!! Love the Santa story and your drawings and of course all the beautiful crazy quilting!! Missed you!!

  2. Annette!! You are just so unbelievably talented! I swear, I wish I had 1/100 th of what you have. Beautiful sweetie!!

  3. Thanks my friends, now on ward and up ward doing whatever is next in line. gotta have a few projects in the background. xoxox

  4. fabulous so glad u are into the sketching u do it well and love the sewing something i do not do well lol

    hugz bev

  5. Isn't it unbelievable that the year is almost over? As a child, I remember how slow time would pass...summer vacations lasted forever. But now, time seems to be in such a hurry. Like usual, your drawings are amazing and your beading work is just impeccable Annette.

  6. I recognized Abbey right away! You are fantastically talented. You stitching is perfection too.

    On to December!!

  7. I love Santa. I love your drawings...and NCIS. I love your crazy quilting! I guess i love it all Annette:)

  8. I don't watch NCIS but am sure they are fabulous likenesses. The are terrific portraits Annette. Also am loving your quilt pieces you always make them so pretty and full of magical colours and textures. Enjoy the weekend, hugs Annette xx

  9. They are wonderful sketches, and the details in your new pillow are beyond fabulous!!!!


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