Friday, November 9, 2012

It is Good to not Plan

Today we got up, well that is a given I am here visiting with y'all.   Hubby said what are you doing today?  We are kind of staying close to home until we get all the things that were messed up in the bad hail storm.  The last part is the fence , as I type, is getting the second part of a three part spiffy up.  Yea it will look pretty again.   Then we will have everything back to square one.  

OK back to what I was going to do.  I thought today would be a good day to do some messy art, which is the art journal or painting or something fun like that.  So I thought OK that is what I am going to do.   So in my art room I pranced, not like Santa's reindeer but pranced all the way.     Now I was given some beautiful  fabric.  My colors, oh my goodness my colors.  There it was like a shining star shining on it, it seem to glow.  Calling my name-Annette you need to create with me today.   I have hesitated to cut into it but did use a tiny part of it to create a purse for my friend's granddaughter.   I kept it young for her and did have a good time with creating it. 

I thought this was whimsy enough for an artsy little 9 or 10 year old to carry.  

I opened the fabric up and thought hummmmmm why can't I use it to make a new seat and back for the director chair in here?  It is my colors, there is some yellow in here, not the vibrant yellow on the fabric but all yellows should keep each other company.  So I have the sewing machine out for the Crazy Quilting and I made the new seat and back for the director chair.  

There it is all finished and waiting to be used in the art room.  AKA the office but I am trying to convert it slowly into an art room.  I just had to share this beauty with you. 
I have been sketching at night while watching TV and these are a couple of sketches of what I did.  Still working on sketching,  I started thinking if I did these digitally it would be easier but I just wanted to do them the old fashioned way---paper and pencil and sharpen my skills of sketching. 

Jim Caviezel right now in Person of Interest a great TV show this fall.   Just incase yall are not familar with him. 

Cameron Diaz, found this is a magazine ad.  
I am not 100 % pleased with them but getting there.  Hope you can tell who they are.    
I just wandered today in subject matter.  Hey a lot of things go on in a day and thank goodness not the same thing everyday.   Gotta have variety.   Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world for today.


  1. So I have to say hello to my long lost friend/surrogate mother! I love your blog and website and I still think you are THE most talented woman I have EVER known...seriously. SERIOUSLY. Hello to Eldon and hugs from me. XOXO Suzanne

  2. Ok...I get Cameron, but the other I'm perplexed but quite taken...he's CUTE!!!! Is it Bobby Flay???

    1. Hi it is Jim Caviezel one thing he was in is Person of Interest hugs

  3. Dear Annette,
    that little purse is so adorable and so beautiful! I think any young girl would love it, but then I think any woman would love it too! Your chair turned out so great. It makes a perfect art room chair.

  4. Annette I love the little purse is so adorable. I can see a little creative one carrying her crayons in it. And the sketches? Are amazing!!!

  5. Oh you have been so busy my friend, love the chair, really cooool ! I recognize Cameron Diaz but not the guy... both really good though, doing sketches in front of the television is really using time the way one should :-)))) And that purse is just so lovely I am sure the little girl will love it ! You had a hail storm ? Seems no one is spared over there :-(( Wish you a great weekend . xoxo

  6. the little girl will love the purse and i love the chair both just gorgeous already commented elsewhere on the sketches they rock...

    hugz bev


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