Sunday, April 8, 2012

Now and Then

Here I am typing on a keyboard on my "real" computer.  LOL that is what I call my desktop computer and my laptop is my play computer.  Now the ease of typing on here and listening to the clicking noise is probably something we take for granted.  At least I do.  I still have a little portable typewriter my Hubby's mom got me years ago.  During my professional photography days I used it as a prop and some had never seen a typewriter that looks like that.  We have had electric ones, long since gone to typewriter heaven..Not sure that they do  go to heaven but typewriters have to go somewhere, it is probably a junkyard or some place like that where they are just rusting away.

Now talking about rusting away, you knew I was going somewhere with this story didn't you?  We found in an old grainery where Hubby's parents had this typewriter.  It is not in the best of shape and when you see it you will agree.  We rescued it from certain death and put in our garage.   After two moves I was exploring in our current garage and found the typewriter.  This is not a dainty little thing and weights I bet 30 pounds.  It is a heavy little sucker.   Now Hubby's mother use to carry it to school and probably college.  He says he remembers her saying she brought it every day to school. 

Don't  you just love that you can click on the pictures now and they all come up at once on the screen.  It might have always done that little feature but you know who just discovered it.  Christopher Columbus I am not.  : )

Here it proudly sits sporting one of my favorite sayings from Dr. Seuss.  I did the letter on the computer but just put it in the typewriter, wish it did work but that is ok also.   I have not cleaned it up a lot, you just never know how much to do that little job.  I know it is not the prettiest  flower on the shelf but has lots of memories.    I did have a note in it at Christmas to Santa Clause and mentioned the reindeer and their safe trip also.  I know our Grands are a lot older now but they certainly got a kick out of it.  To me that was a hit then. 

Almost all of the tags on the keys are there and can you imagine carrying this back and forth everyday?   That lady had to have some strong muscles. 

On this side the little tab says back spacer.  I mean you  had to have  wanted to really go back a space to tackle this job.  Now we just in one quick swoop use our little finger and the job is done !!!!

I did find this image on the Internet about the typewriters.  It is funny though-Visible?-how could you not see it?   The one we have in our home would be considered a junker or just for parts but to us it is a treasure.  I guess the saying about one man's junk is another man's treasure is certainly true here. 

Off for now and so many thanks for stopping into my world and seeing what is going  on today.  xoxox


  1. I love your old typewriter! I wish I had one that really worked!!

  2. Annette--how did you get rid of that awful word recognition thing you have to type in to leave a comment? You had one and now it is gone--I would like to remove mine, but can't find the place to do it!

  3. Loving your fab typewriter am sure the keys are set heavily as well. Such a beauty. Annette x

  4. I am sure we can all remember having type writers around the house and in the offices..really does seem like ages ago, this one is a great piece of antics , looks cool on your table together with the clock...and it holds so many memories.....! XOXO

  5. Hi Annette, was so good to meet you today. i scrolled down and looked at the rubber bands, but will have to read it later!
    Suzy Pal

  6. I love this wow u are so lucky to have it and cute idea to use the pages with sentiments...

    hugz bev


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