Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fall and Puffer Fish

Hello and welcome to November.  You know it seems like yesterday that we were talking about January.  They, whoever they are, say that time flys  by when you are having fun.  My friends we must be having one great big party here. 

Now I think you know that Fall is my favorite time of year.  Every once in a while our leaves here in West Texas do turn the beautiful goldens and reds that you see.  I can't remember if I posted this painting or not but it is pretty enough to do again.   I did this from a photo that Karen Bonaker shared with us and it is a digital painting.  It is with the Corel Painter program and you do stroke by stroke and don't have to just click a button and the computer paints it for you.  Then in turn you can just whip out your traditional paints and add your own touches to it.   Now if you haven't tried it please do so it is fun.   You can get the little Bamboo tablet for like $99 and then I am thinking it has a little painter type program with it.   I paint traditionally also but sometimes it is just pure fun to mess up something and just delete the layer.  Then tadaaaaaa you have a clean slate to create.  I could use my imagination and say oh this scene is just down the street.  Sorry just in my imagination is where this rests and Karen's photograph that is. 

This post will be a tad long but pictures will just help it along.  It has been a few days since I posted and have to make up for it.

Does this not look inviting?  Welcome to our home type setting? Of course we don't know who will rake all those leaves up. 

Now this is in Montana one year while we were doing one of our wandering trips. Where you leave your home and not really knowing where you will wind up.  The grounds were just beautiful and such a tapestry of colors. 

Now talking about imagination.  How many times in your life have you seen a grown lady sitting in a chair holding a puffer fish?  Now I can imagine a lot of things but never this.  On Roses on My Table Zinnia is giving a quick class about banners and the discovery of more mixed media.  The messy kind  of art, that your fingers are all gummed and gooed.  We ordered some digital images from Land Of Nod and instantly they were on my computer to print up. 

I gathered my goodies together and this is what I created.  I didn't have all the "ingredients" but that is the good thing about mixed media, I don't think it matters. 

Here you go, two of the pennants, now don't get to excited these are not real pearls.   They are from the bridal department at Hobby Lobby. 

On the left is the "momma" with the puffer fish. Can you imagine how it smelled?  Pee yew.  Does make for a pretty fun image though doesn't it?  The little girl with her fairy behind her?  Yep she is holding a zebra, this is believable.   Children often had their little pet toys they carried. 

The end little boy, yes a little boy.  You wonder why they dressed little boys like that back then, maybe not enough money for boy clothes and everyone shared the same dress.  I put the little boys on the end so they could protect the family. 

Here is the "whole nine yards" as I say which means the whole thing, the whole shootin'  match.  I have it proudly hung up in my art room. 

Sorry to be so gabby but just wanted to show you some fall and some fun. 
I hope you all have a good day and see you down the line.  Thank you for stopping by to see what is going on in my world. 


  1. Dear Annette. You don't need to excuse yourself for making a long post, it is so interesting, and you surely have a way with words, as if we were just chatting together over the fence :-)
    Digital or whatever, the two big paintings are gorgeous, the house is the one we all dream about, and the landscape is just wow! And so cute the banner of vintage figures, creative and unique!
    Wish you a wonderful day.

  2. What beautiful pics and scrap-pieces! Congrats! :-) A very big hug!


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