Friday, October 21, 2011

A Treasure Hunting Adventure

You know sometimes you go on a quest for one thing and then find a hidden treasure ?  Well, the other day hubby found in the newspaper a few addresses for Estate sales.  I don't know about you but to me they are still garage sales but with higher prices.  We ventured out on a Friday and found one that the treasures were higher than a cat's back but then one we went to, we only went to two,  had some bottles that we were looking for.   The Vintage Art Bottles that I am doing right now ?  Giving the untold stories of the bottles new stories and a new life?  I was going to check out and what did I see?  A lamp, now I had no intention of getting a lamp and for $15?   Not that $15 is a giant amount but I didn't need a lamp.  Or so I thought.

We came home and I washed the bottles and thought about what new story were they going to get today ?  Well, when I woke up the next morning I told hubby I have to go get the lamp.  I was thinking ----what a Polly Anna I was.  That lamp will be gone and for only $15 some decorator or antique person will just sweep it up.  We got ready for the day and off we went to rescue the lamp.

Lo and behold, there it was THE LAMP.  It was sitting there with the other lamps that were uglier than sin.   I am sure they were thinking we will get purchased today and you won't.  You know how lamps are all trying to out do each other.   It had even been marked down to $10.  My heart was thumping loudly and I even had to push, gently, a lady aside.  I did say excuse me though.  The lady said it was at least 80 years old and it had been her mother-in-laws lamp.   I thought why had no one purchased it ?  This was meant to be my lamp.  

We have an eclectic decorated home and this will go perfectly in the corner of my part of the bathroom. 

I gently dusted it with a soft rag and the carving and beauty just was there begging to be looked at and loved.  It was an oil lamp and still had the goodies with it and the owners had converted it to a new fangled electric light.    A glass globe was used but I think a shade with some pretties on it is just begging to be joined with it. 

The little cherub holding up the globe.  His or hers little foot is cracked but some Gorilla glue should fix that.

The base of this $10 beauty.   This is brass and heavy and even made in America.  

The whole lamp.   I do believe it was meant to be ours. 

There you go, our little adventure .   I do hope you enjoyed it and thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world.    xoxox


  1. Molto bella questa lampada,ottimo acquisto!!!
    Felice weekend Annette!

  2. I love garage sales or whatever they choose to call it, and in my opinion this is a bargain! Well done Annette.

  3. It's a very beautiful blog! :-) Thanks for your nice comment in mine. Kiss from Europe!

  4. What a wonderful lamp and a great story. The thing about those kind of sales.... you never know what you will find so you just have to go!!

  5. I would have grabbed that even at 15.00. What a beauty. Cannot have too many cherubs in our homes.


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